Sidney Geubelle

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Sidney has a down to earth classic beauty and original sense of style reminiscent of the type of women where it is inherent to be memorable and timeless like Jane Birken and her daughters, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon. Taste runs in her family, she cites her grandmother as a huge influence, someone with a lot of class, despite the fact that she didn’t have alot of money. Her grandmother was known in town for her wardrobe and Sidney wishes that she had the remnants. One of Sidney’s statement pieces is a Dior bustier that was her dad’s first present to her mom (they met when her mom was 13 and her dad was 19). She wears it with high-waisted leather shorts that she cut from pants and an 80′s black leather Claude Montana-esque vintage jacket and despite the strong statement looks completely natural. To be a model in Milan, a city known for fashion and labels, it’s notable how uniquely unaffected and colorful Sidney is, both in dressing and personality. She chose to harvest grapes instead of attending Fashion Week. Sidney could never be taken for anyone else but herself.

  • Neil

    What a lovely character…X

  • Tay

    It’s really refreshing to see a model/this/that apply her style philosophy into her wardrobe in a sincere and genuine way instead of buying the next Alexander Wang IT bag.

    Judging from the “Brown Bunny” movie stills in picture #21, I wonder what Sidney thinks of Chloe Sevigny?

    Also, #10 tuxedo jumper(?) with the belt rope tied around the cummerbund(?) obi-style is my favorite.

  • lou-anne


  • Kelley

    such inspiring style! I wish the video was longer!

  • belen

    she is awesome!… great style Sydney

  • Faridah

    What a breath of fresh air! She’s so genuine and adorable and a delight to listen to. I wish this video went for longerrrr!

  • elisa

    we are starting to make the videos longer based on popular request….so glad you like them.

  • jackson

    LOVE LOVE, see the jane birkIn

  • Natalie

    She has so much spirit and so much style. I agree with Tay–it’s always interesting when a model pulls away from M.O.D and crafts her own identity. She’s sublime.

  • juli

    this girl is amazing! i’m in love with that green bustier!

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  • Shell

    Her spirit is just beautiful.

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  • Josephine

    such a lively personality, love it.

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