Shirine Saad

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Shirine loves the quiet scenes, aesthetic beauty, and psychological intensity of Ingmar Bergman movies. Like him, she expresses a similarly subtle elegance in her style that is imbued with a powerful point of view that is both impactful and understated. From the beginning, in her home of Beirut, Lebanon, Shirine had a urban-glamorous role model in her fashion designer mom, whose most dressed-down look consisted of silk saris and tunics, piled with jewels and flowers. “Even as a child, my mom would cut my hair asymmetrically and put me in ties and plaid pants. I would always say, ‘I want a pink dress like everyone else,’ and she would tell me, ‘you are are not like everyone else, Shirine!” So it’s no surprise that Shirine does not believe in dressing for men (or for anyone else), but for asserting her own personality. She loves bold architectural shapes, a blend of tough and sophisticated. Her hair remains a striking, geometric, short cut, and her clothes are often sculptural, like her state-of-the-art YSL oval-shaped trousers, shoulder-enhancing nude Margiela bodysuit, and Gaultier statement choker that is tribal-meets-medieval and anything but common. I love and whole-heartedly agree with her when she says that you don’t have to show skin to feel feminine, and that you can never know as much as you need to.

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  • Shari

    I thinks she seems like such a lady. It is so refreshing to hear someone, of that age, able to express themselves without vulgar language. Great style and very ladylike!

  • Jean

    LOVELY!! Intelligent, relaxed, self-aware, and stylish in the best sense!! I only regret that we weren’t treated to some photos of her mother. I would love to see her style!

  • SamBamThankYouMaam

    You.Are.Gorgeous! Perfect!

  • Chad

    The black leather jacket with the sculpted shoulders in the second and eighth pic is actually Rick Owens.

  • Alicia

    I know I’ve said this at least three times, but this is my favorite video. I wish we could have seen pictures of her mother, too.

    Love her hair and completely personal sense of style. Definitely makes a statement.

  • anne

    what a beautiful person inside and out.

  • poochiescloset

    She has great personal style and an amazing collection of modern and vintage goods.

  • Heidi

    Shirine, you’re so beautiful! Love you tons!

  • aracelis diamantis

    i learned of shirine from my friend tom. he spoke very highly of her and now i can see why. i’m loving her work and looking foward to more. best in new york and the world shirine. she’s inspiring to me.

  • Torr Love

    Everything she said was the truth. And her accent made it sound even more amazing

  • E

    What a treat! Bravo :)

  • Stacey Kelly

    I adore her all red outfit. She’s wonderfully stylish :)

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