Shannon Fitzgerald, Closets
Shannon Fitzgerald
"I want to bring back the art of rebellion." Shannon Fitzgerald

A perennial "inbetweener," Shannon showcases her diverse background and influences through her style: A flannel shirt represents her Canadian origins, her creepers pay homage to her London teen years, and her metallic pleated skirt signals an Ivy League punk appreciation for the fairy tale American career. Not one for following a traditional path, Shannon did not dress like the popular girls in high school and went to an interview for her present job as a Senior MTV Executive in boots, a floppy hat, 10 tattoos and a safety pinned necklace.

Doing the unexpected, such as wearing piles of "violent" jewelry or moving to London penniless at age 16, in search for a rebellious youth culture, has been the key to Shannon's empowerment to build her life from the ground upward. She began her affinity for England while squatting in an abandoned building, but ended it with a job at the BBC. This led to Shannon discovering her fervor for story telling, producing TV shows in LA, one of which was about 3 sisters--Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

In the same way that a floral skirt might not make sense with chunky basketball sneakers, Shannon states, "when you have an instinct about something, why is someone else’s opinion anymore important or valid than yours?" And in keeping with her gut, despite the fact the every network first passed on The Kardashians, she perservered. A die hard for The Cure, indian mocs with studs and high tops with chains, Shannon reveals, "the spirit of rebellion is something that I still live by, albeit more maturely at my age, but I love what it stands for."

Video Edited by Armand Michael

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  • Crack_Fox

    The woman responsible for producing The Kardashians claims to want to bring back the "art of rebellion"...that's rich.

  • SkinNee

    This article is a joke. Right?

  • fakecake

    This is the most uninspiring "closet" I have seen on here. It almost made me wonder if she paid you guys.

  • Desiree

    Ugggh another hipster.

  • Forest

    Come on are you kidding me?

  • Sandra

    I must join the chorus here - I notice the fanta narrative of people leaving home very young with no money to fly to the opposite side of the planet in possibly most expensive cities is becoming increasingly popular around the web and in some circles...

    while hard to believe and almost embarrassingly contradictory like in this case (rebellion and Kardashians?!) - I think its most problematic aspect is that it takes away from the realistic/real experiences of many others who really have lived on the streets while pursuing their dreams, rebelling and/or escaping their demons!

    BTW rebellion is not quite just wearing tons of studded accessories or ripped jeans !

  • x

    snooooooze town

  • Tenderheaded Films

    Style Like U has changed so much from the beginning and not in a good way. The founders of this site come across as searching for unique people with different perspectives, people that would never get mainstream coverage because they're too ethnic or gay or strange or whatever. And it was so awesome to "meet" those people! But now there's so many industry people promoting themselves and children of famous people featured that it makes me wonder what's happened. The founders have often trashed reality TV and pretty much everything that current MTV stands for and yet here we have a woman who discovered the Kardashians. Interesting. Actually, I think I know what's happening. Lots of ads on this site now (no problem with that, if there's money to be made, have at it!) which means they're going for a larger audience. So those of us who've been here for a while and remember the original intent are left scratching our heads in confusion. Yep, things sure have changed around here...

  • nomoreplease

    I find her clothes, her thoughts and her entire look as boring and uninspired as the kartrashians.

  • I couldn't find her interesting but maybe that's just me.

  • ultraterrestrial

    Funny how her idea of rebellion is so anathema to what so many others are feeling. To me (and actually ...ALL) of my friends (young artists, farmers), shows and people like the Kardashians are what we want to rebel AGAINST, or at the very least ignore. If you think this generation is not rebelling you're not looking in the right place. Reality TV is one of the major forces in the trashing of our current culture, its embarrassing. was that show on MTV? I don't even know, I've avoided MTV like the plague since I was 12 because it sucked so much. The Kardashians are all about money and consumption and exploiting them is all about money, if that idea exists in the same universe as the concept of rebellion you are absolutely out of your fucking mind. I don't like to pile on the hate but this needs to be called out...she has a nice house and expensive clothes, whatever... lately it does seem like everyone shown here has tons of fucking $$$, style like u where are the real people with actually inspiring ideas?

  • salma.matin

    StylelikeU is really starting to S U C K

  • floramor

    Freedom of expression. This woman clearly worked very hard to get where she is, and it was on her own terms. That's admirable, whether her ideals fit in with yours or not.

  • Jojo

    I think she's awesome!

  • Nemova

    It really is terribly uninspiring to see a woman her age still looking like someone who just tries too hard (look, I'm wearing stuff that doesn't go together! look, I'm wearing "violent" jewellery! look, I'm so rebellious!). All I'm left wandering is how she got the money for her plane ticket to London if she was supposedly penniless. Mom and dad must have helped somehow, methinks.

    • Cockadoodledoo

      They did. Trust.

  • Jay

    Yo I didn't beleive anything she was saying. She knows she has always had connections. What rebellion have you seen? Not inspired

  • julia

    this was awful.

  • drburnshead

    I could listen to her talk forever. I thought she was great.

  • mjustice

    She's so self-satisfied and smug. Ick.

  • valencia

    I was thinking..okay..she's pretty cool, independent,creative, rebellious, nice,inspiring background story...and then bam! lost it at "kardashians"! what the hell stylelikeu! get it together please.

  • Not Impressed!

  • bbbored

    "no money- I mean, I think I might have had $1200..." lol ok sellin this punk rags to riches story like its an mtv show

  • alfredo

    was reading the blog and loving it, but very hurt to come across mtv. which by the way is not cool. sorry you would publicize the network that gave us jersey shore. thought you guys were trying to make a point. guess this blog is just more of the same. as is mtv. thanks for bringing me down.

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