Shail Upadhya

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Shail is in the process of becoming “honest with himself” and finally fully discovering the artist within. He was born in Kathmandu to a family of politicians – three of Shail’s uncle’s were Prime Ministers of Nepal. Though he has always loved dressing up, his parents wanted him to have a “respectable” job, so he became a diplomat at the UN rather than following a creative pursuit. Despite working in politics, Shail’s inner “Lord Gaga” has gotton lots of attention, including meeting Andy Warhol at Studio 54 in the ’80s and numerous features in Bill Cunninghan’s style section of The New York Times. He has always been driven to put his own personality into his wardrobe, as you can see in the witty layers of argyles with sweater upon sweater (I love this look with the knee socks!) and in his whimsical but chic interpretation of a white evening suit covered in polka dots. Shail is taking his self-expression to new heights by designing his own collection of clothes that are hand-painted, based on the designs of the grand masters like Miro, Kandinsky, and Picasso. He says that his ruffled shirt with gold embroidered jacket is his Beau Brummel version of the classic tuxedo, and that he wouldn’t wear it to the UN, but he would wear it to a party given by the Fame Monster herself.

If you like Shail, you might also enjoy Ms. Fitz and Cody Ross.

  • Matt

    Brilliant! Shail just made my month. What an amazingly authentic eccentric! I am at a loss for words.

  • RayW

    i wish i was as brazen

  • Imani

    I like his qoute

  • E

    I think there’s a world of difference between chucking on a lot of colour just to be ‘quirky’ – and this considered, rolling out of visual stimulation; whether it be colour, homage or baroque pattern and detail. Also splendid, is this gentleman’s contentment and submersion in a beautiful world of his own designs.

    Wonderful – bravo!

  • victoria

    i actually met this man in miami a couple of months ago.. so sweet and interesting quirky

  • Marilyn

    As someone who loves art as much as fashion, and always sees a connection between the two, I really enjoyed this… (and I’ve seen Shail at fashion shows so his colorful wardrobe did not come as a surprise to me)…still, I enjoyed seeing it displayed as such.

  • Shell

    Love him and happy he is following his passion. The polka dot suit is fab and he wears it so elegant.

  • Peng Sun Toh

    Respect and lots of admiration. Style Rules!

  • Mikaela Mar

    this is the best play on the suit that I’ve seen in a while, its so refreshing to see polka dots instead of pinstripes and black lapels. He is amazing!

  • GIO

    I would love to own a suit or pants by Shail Upadhya.

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