Sarah Ellison

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Not one for hiding who she is in anyway, Sarah is thrilled to make known that her Azzedine Alaia black knit, ankle length skirt hugs the body in all the right places. She loves Alaia because “he makes a woman look hot.” Her visual magnetism, which is accentuated by her long, white, lavender tinted hair, is anything but average. When everyone wanted to be Madonna, Sarah recalls, she was coveting the “queen of looks,”and the avant-garde, Nina Hagen. Sarah’s magical touch makes an Electric Feathers metallic dress look bohemian with her signature Margiela tabby boot, gothic mix of elaborate rings on every finger and vintage ear cuff. A first class fashion stylist, her eye for detail and her uncommon good taste has been evident since way back when. Sarah vividly remembers her attraction in High School to an elderly woman who would ride her bike past her every morning at the bus stop, wearing Christian Lacroix and a fat gray braid down her back. Read More

It was the birth of music videos on MTV in the early 80’s and its captivating eye candy that Sarah feels had a lot to do with her profession and obsessions of today. You can see the hints of punk, new wave and rock in the way she mixes a romantic embroidered Commes des Garcon sheer cape with a fishnet vintage bustier top, or in the story she tells through her arm, which is filled with many dark, idiosyncratic and ethnic bracelets. Each and everything that she wears has to be extraordinary, picked from all over the world, and together, all fit into the puzzle of her wardrobe. A curation of herself, Sarah’s Balenciaga mesh chain top with tapestry and her medallion inlaid necklace from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul are museum-worthy, while a Rick Owens, not so simple, simple black dress, is her equivalent of a tee shirt. You can look sloppy in it or wear it to a party, Sarah claims. But ultimately, Sarah’s passion for self expression is fueled by the fact that her mom was never able to live out her hippie fantasies after becoming a school teacher. “We live the unfulfilled lives of our mothers,” Gloria Steinem recently told Sarah while working together on a shoot.

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  • miss p

    I love seeing people’s bookshelves! Great hair color that I keep trying to get myself, but without luck!

  • Jaffar

    I love her style and her aura is very gravitating!!

  • Jo, Owner,

    After looking through these photos I am in love with Sarah and her style. Very inspiring.

  • Lady B

    Love the D.R.A.M.A her dresses bring- the fabrics, the cuts, the silhouette- oh me oh my!
    Ps I will be borrowing her expression ‘That one blew my shit off’- the next time I want to describe a stylish piece that has me foaming at the mouth.

  • P.O.C

    “I’ve seen the whole world of ETHNIC jewelry…” senseless, culturally insensitive, misappropriation

  • Kayla

    @P.O.C. I checked the comments hoping that someone else had noticed that so thank you! I loved everything about her look and what she had to say, but the way she referred to the jewelry as “ethnic” really got to me and just turned me off from the rest of it. i hate the way anything that doesn’t fall into typical Western culture is called ethnic, as it turns countless cultures into one large group of “different”

  • sarah

    hi ladies, it upset me that you would view my comments this way. in this case i am referring to jewelry that specifically defines particular regions and cultures, and has distinct characteristics that are always the same within that group. they are not one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces that happen to come from elsewhere. it is in my opinion the correct use of the word: “ethnic: pertaining to or characteristic of a people, especially a group (ethnic group) sharing a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.”
    we have been conditioned to find that word generally offensive, when really there are appropriate uses of it, and inappropriate.
    i am indeed a very sensitive person and try my best to choose my words wisely. i hope that this clarifies my thoughts and intentions.

  • Safika Erselcuk

    I’m kinda in love…

  • Dharma

    Fabulous style!

  • Jayanti

    Lovely to the core!

  • cma

    Not sure if you’re aware that the video cuts off mid-sentence after a length of 1.04 mins. This looks like a great closet interview – would love to see all of it!

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