Sam Quartin, Closets
Sam Quartin

Clothes, music, art, conversation - it's all ultimately boring if it's not genuine. Not everyone leaves you obsessing over owning an army jacket, as Sam did for me. She, in her pared-down, utilitarian wife beater, leather jacket, jeans and a tee, reeks of personal style because of her bare-bones honesty and comfort within her own skin. Just as Sam knows when something feels right deep inside with music, she does the same with her clothes.

Currently, she is in an anti-fashion mood, due both to the dedication to her music, which she believes is more powerful if the focus is not on how she dresses, and to the overdose of it when you have been born and bred in The Big Apple. Sam quit modeling because they wanted her to wear dresses to castings, but she couldn't be someone other than herself. I admire the fact that she refuses to use her "sex appeal" to make it. The Kardashians, Snooki... makes you wonder whether women's liberation even happened. Sam's shredded-to-a-pulp Converse tell not only the story of her endless passion for concert-going, but of how good taste is really born out of being true to yourself, not giving your power away to anything or anyone else. Every time you try to fit in or be who someone else wants you to be, it shows.

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