Sah D'Simone, Closets
Sah D'Simone

Mix being born and raised in Brazil ("where everyone loves on you until you can't") with the consciousness to face your fears, step out of your ego and into your power, add a splash of abundant drapery and a love for hoods, and you have Sage Sah. Sometimes clothes make the person and sometimes the person makes them, but in the case of Sah, good energy and good taste are one. When I came to shoot him, he had his lovable posse of friends surrounding him and with total humor and charm, his impeccable uniform unfolded (which consisted of the best of black and the kind of clothes that are quest-enders or second skin). Since then, I have been obssessing on the punkish Rick Owens skinny stretchy pants with the classic tassel loafers and the perfect touch of the black Nike socks with the white swoosh. I would hire him in a second in anything he was wearing, including his "business look" of the Catholic school boy blazer with drop crotch pants and retro glasses. But it's Sah in his shepard hat and robes that most exemplifies the light that he spreads on the streets of New York, while shrouded in both drama and mystery.

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