Ruqaiyah Johnson

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Any girl that is as particularly chic as Ruqaiyah, and spends 80% percent of her money on her sweet tooth (instead of clothing) knows what she is doing. She doesn’t waver at all from slight variations of the very classics and never buys what she won’t wear. Ruqaiyah is a little Amelia Earhart, with her seminal high-waisted pilot pants and leather jacket, a little Diane Keaton, with her perfection of men’s classic black oxfords, and a touch of Sunset Boulevard in her very “silent film star on the decline” glamorous kimono that she designed. Clever and resourceful, her kerchief was once a belt, one of her favorite dresses was a skirt, her boyfriend’s argyle socks are a favorite new accessory, and when the strap of a handbag fell off, it became a clutch. On her designing, Ruqaiyah says that at one point, she realized that if you don’t see it somewhere, make it yourself. Her knitwear is derived from the beauty she sees in everything, including insects. She makes it happen for herself – her recipe is don’t be afraid to try new things and fail, it can be more important than succeeding.

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  • esse

    the pieces Ruqaiyah made herself are great! does she sell any of her stuff?

  • hanna
  • harley

    that two piece dress is perfection! she has talent.

  • Siri

    She’s amazing! I’ve been trying like mad to find something like that Tuleste necklace of hers, it really is perfect.

  • Angela

    are u Kiya the new Jakie?
    so classy and always beautiful!

  • Jeffrey Williams

    I have wonderful emotions of seeing this talent, inspiring, motivated being grow from a close college mate into a powerful being. I’m glad she is seen by the world and will leave a beautiful stamp where every she goes. I will always support your dreams.

    -Sending you tons of positivity*

  • SamBamThankYouMaam

    love her! chill, thoughtful and beautiful is a good combination :)

  • Alicia

    She’s beautiful, designs beautiful garments and I adore her sense of style.

  • Lebeth


  • E

    Assured, thoughtful,confident and beautiful – a delight to watch/read. Thank you!

  • allison

    i wish my skin was that beautiful. i loved the red romper outfit. great outfits all around. power to the black ppl! takin over stylelikeu!

  • anne b.

    ruqaiyah, I think we need to hang out and talk style.

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  • Joy D.

    wow, she is great at articulating what she likes with out sounding contrived. I love how her closet is really classic.


  • adam

    Are those The Maxx comic books in the background?

    Very nice style, all my words have already been said lol.

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