Ruby and Summer

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Ruby (named after her mom’s good friend and wife of Jimmy Seals, from the 70′s rock band Seals and Crofts) and Summer (named after the song “Summer Breeze” from the same band, they are singing “her” song on their link) were destined to live a life of musical artistry and embody the free-spirited outlook that those artists and that period represented. They have grown up across the street from the beach, in a town that they and their mom chose together one day on a drive in the car when the girls were 9 and 11, purely based on its physical beauty and throwback vibe. Their dad Mark Spiro is a songwriter and Tom Waits, king of cool-type figure with long blond hair and a lovable bohemian flair. Their mom Leslie is a natural beauty inside and out, also has long blond hair, and is an accomplished singer, and the daughter of a well known jazz drummer, with a personal style reminiscent of 70’s folk rock icons like Joni Mitchell. (We will be raiding Leslie’s closet in the near future.) The sisters are a singing-songwriting duo called Ruby Summer with a record coming out this year on Disney. If their music doesn’t lift your spirits (with its tales of life, love, and redemption on the beach), nothing will. Ruby and Summer’s style lands somewhere between fairy princess meets flower children, or as they say, “Marie Antoinette meets Brigitte Bardot on the beach.” Creativity in the form of arts and crafts is abundant – a ribbon or feather will never go to waste in this household. They refer to their house in a song as “The Little Glitter Box,” which reflects both their positive and soulful good energy, despite all odds, and their actual love of all things shiny, an obsession handed down to them from their mom. Summer reminds me of a nymph in a Renaissance painting, with her floral head pieces (she makes them) and perfectly messy long blond locks. She flawlessly blends the femininity of a ballerina with the earthiness of Native America – flouncy skirts from childhood and beaded jewelry are a signature. Ruby leans a little more towards a sensual Gauguin in Tahiti in her ethnic wraps as dresses, but the Spiro women fantasy comes through in everything, including her sequin berets and gold sneakers mixed with flannels. Everyday is unabashedly about “playing dress up” for Ruby, and often metallic eye makeup and liquid eyeliner are her tools. The bottom line is they are about as fresh and unaffected in their music and in their clothing combinations as two deep souls with a lot of important stories and life messages to impart could be. If you aren’t in a car with the top down on a sunny day with the feeling that anything is possible, you will feel as if you are once you get into the orbit of Ruby and Summer’s halo.

  • Carrie

    wow. so inspired to be more natural with my style. they’re amazing to watch, such a breath of fresh air!

  • morgan

    i dont know whats better, your style or your music. Im thinkin both.

  • alexis

    Awwwww I am friends with Summer and gush over her cute outfits everytime I see her! Seriously…this doesn’t even do her justice. Both of these girls have great style and they don’t try too hard to be “on trend, which I love.

    See them play live at the House of Blues S.D. September 4th if you are a local!! <333


  • Mona

    They are gorgeous and so are their voices! I love Summer’s jewelries.

  • Gary Stanford

    i love their music, theres some on youtube but when and where can i find more

  • Lou-anne

    you biotches rock my world

  • Matt

    Both of their styles are so fresh and young and happy! So nice to see.

  • elisa

    gary, there is a my space link in the writing of the post..

  • Neil

    Nay,nay and thrice nay.

  • morgan

    Everyone, if you are going to be in San Diego this friday come see Ruby Summer perform at the House of Blues SD. They are great live and it will be a real treat.

  • matt

    WOW great

  • SamBamThankYouMaam

    so sweet! the singing was the cherry on top :) both are beautiful in their own right and together are really incredibly sweet and pretty.

  • UschiObermaier

    Reminds me of my sister and I. Always playing dress-up and becoming lost in our imagination. Our mom had a trunk full of “dress-up” clothes that, of course, I still have and pull from. Gorgeous girls!

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