Rinat Welsing

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Rinat grew up in Germany – his mother is Russian and his father is Ghanean. For me, he is a kind of embodiment of every man, from a world in which this United Colors of Bennetton ad campaign has come true. Rinat is mature enough in life’s experiences to spew the kind of wisdom that stops me in my tracks in its truth and sincerity (“my influence is in my mind, my influence is me”), and young enough in spirit that he can make a snowman cardigan that cost him $3 look like the newest at Barney’s Co-Op. Rinat’s huge dimpled smile, un-self-conscious manner, and coming-together of worldly good looks and style are luminous when compared to the more typical, close-to-the-cuff urban demeanor (he would never wear sunglasses unless he needed them – he loves people’s eyes).

When Rinat arrived in the Big Apple after finishing his civil service at home (as a dishwasher, because he says he could never carry a gun), he knew no one. However, the influence of his father’s home country and its accepting nature (when you pass women on the street, they are referred to as “mother”) brought him to fashion-related events and shows all over town with an air of innocence as if he belonged forever (oops, hopefully no fashion PR companies are reading this) and he for me, was a welcome breath of fresh air. I first became riveted by his Simpsons-meets-afro trademark hair when he was modeling in Michael Calloway’s fashion show, having no idea that Michael had discovered him at our launch party. Then there he was, in some captivating variation of a perfectly gigantic Kente cloth scarf, sweatpants rolled into knickers, an old woman’s oversized red coat, neon orange skinny jeans, and possibly his chain handbag strap as necklace at our holiday party and many, if not all, of fashion week’s shows and events. Rinat defines the word original – he gets the combinations of multi-references so right. If his music is anything like the scope of clothes and accessories that I walked into when I arrived to interview him in the middle of a Nor’easter, then we are in for a party of some universal proportions.

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  • PatrickO

    Phenomenal and so very inspiring. Embodiment of what style and fashion should be.

  • patti s

    i am so moved by everyone on this site to think differently than i have been about style and fashion. it is so exciting to be inspired in this way. i will never look at the strap of a handbag or a child’s piece of clothing in the same way again. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can express yourself to the world. thankyou.

  • tucson john

    i love this guy! his style is soooo original and fun! and really his goodness and enthusiasm for all of life beams thru the video and inspires! would love to see more of him, any links to his music?!??!

  • yn

    i loooove the scarfs and colours, and everything!!!!. I wish more people would dare to be different.

  • Joanne Petit-Frere

    I love it!! From his hair, to his silhouettes, colors and attitude. A beautiful fun spirit too :) I’m a fan…

  • xcfix

    best person on stylelikeu.com

  • Tierney

    Amazing style and personality!

  • Mario

    This was just amazing. =)

  • Aud Horne

    Hahaha- Münster, my oh my!
    ich bin aus Köln, hier ist’s ganz gut. Aber New York war die optimale decision für einen so coolen Typen wie dich!
    Du bist mein absoluter lieblings-mann on Stylelikeu,
    sooooo sympathisch und natürlich, ich wünschte, wir könnten mal abhängen ;D
    Stay tru, man, you deserve everything!
    viel erfolg und auch ein bisschen glück für den Start deiner Musik-career.
    digge Luv,

  • Mona

    He is so original and down to earth. I love how he looks at fashion or rather, individual style. Great video!

  • mari j brooklyn ask rinat wife

    he is the best dresser !!

    he has original taste from Europe.

    sometimes american worry about be feminin mix but

    he is not afraid to be original STYLE !

    I LOVE IT !!

  • HJ

    true personal style! his smile and laugh are contagious.

  • Shell

    I love Rinat’s style and his whole vibe. He is so cute too.

  • kathrin

    oh lord, i was just scrolling through and this guy struck my eye. not the usual style i’m drawn to but i thought he looked interesting. then i saw that he’s from germany and i thought that was cool, because so am i. but now that i know he’s from münster, gosh that’s freaking awesome, because i am TOO! i totally agree that people here are really conservative and don’t easily except unicquness. rinat you are my hero for beeing who you are and just the way you are (umm totally AWESOME) and it’s so nice to see someone who’s just doing his thing. hope you’ll tour back home once you’ve made it.
    liebste grüße aus dem verregnetem münster, ein pech für mich das du nicht mehr hier wohnst:(

  • K.

    This post just put a huge smile on my face! I love his joy and happiness and the way he just does what he feels like. I am fron Germany, too and living in Berlin right now. It’s so cool to see what you can do with your life if you’re now afraid of changes! Maybe I’ll move to NY too one day!

    Viele Grüße aus Berlin, schade, dass du weg gezogen bist!
    P.s. dieser Humana store (gleich bei mir um die ecke) ist wirklich super! :)

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  • kendra

    ugh i’m in love. he’s just too adorable. and hooray for people of West African descent! :)

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