Reece Solomon

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I was taken with how good Reece is in finding enviable statement pieces whether thrift, vintage, or contemporary. The over-the-knee Alexander Mcqueen boots and purple suede, fringe en masse, ankle booties were bought years ago and are not only ultimate finds in what they are but look so modern. It takes an unusual eye and confidence to carry off the intense and profound Proenza Schouler jacket with its silver detail and leather that was made to look like fungus, and then to see the potential beauty in street fair, faux-navajo 70′s jeans, cut and paired with black suede thigh-high boots. It’s not a big shock that with all of her wisdom at the ripe old age of 23, Reece has already tried PR, worked at a top fashion magazine in Paris, is now designing her own handbag line and making “the bomb” jewelry with a friend. When she was describing her tattoo and how it’s all about reinvention, I was thinking about how unusual it is to understand that concept at her age – it usually takes alot more living.

  • Tay

    I don’t think you have to have alot more living but the KIND of living that you put yourself in and are exposed to. I mean, having an internship at a top magazine in Paris is not going to hurt in putting yourself on your own fashion fast-track.

    Carol Christian Poell also makes some wicked leather jackets and is a fashion force.

    Look #6 in the slideshow with the sequined top and vintage boots is my favorite. This is how girls are going to look next year and the following year in some states. And to top it off with that leather jacket is “the bomb”.

  • priscilla

    i like her style and her personality but seriously all that leather grosses me out

  • Doni W

    Absolute favorite closet

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  • Shannon Watts

    Dying for that giant ring you and your friend made. Is there anyway to place an order for one of those? Insane piece of art.

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