Ran Q Huang, Closets
"[A lot of my clothes] are like books. You buy a book, and it's not like you have to read the book all the time. You read the book maybe one time and then put it on your bookshelf. Maybe you read it another day. Clothing for me, it's like a book, like a reference." Ran Huang

I remember to this day my relief when one of my high school teachers told me that asking questions was a sign of intelligence and something to be nurtured, not stifled. So when Ran equated her love for SLU to her own inquisitive nature (she told me how she enjoys sitting on the subway, noticing certain people's styles and fantasizing about their life stories), it was music to my ears. For me, it is the exchange of narrative and connection to each other, not just the snapshot, that we are most inspired by here at StyleLikeU. Ran's imagination comes from a heritage that is rich in history and culture. Her grandfather was a soldier in WWII and introduced her to opera, and her parents lived through the Cultural Revolution in China. Ran is a burgeoning clothing designer with lots of magical ideas to spare. A piano gave rise to a skirt that turns into a shawl and scarf, and the buildings in Times Square covered in advertisements inspired her to make a dress out of magazine tears in reverance to them (to her, the buildings, covered in their advertisments, look as if they are wearing clothes).

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