Rameet Chawla, Closets
Rameet Chawla

Rameet doesn't have a beard because he is a Sikh, the religion practiced by his family. He grew a beard because he couldn't be with the girl he was in love with, and he thought that the hair on his face would ensure his abstinence from other women while holding out for "the one."

Chivalry is alive and well in the unconditionally ebullient Rameet. He cherishes original straw boaters, waist coats, functional buttons on blazers, and uses metals that other people won as sartorial decoration. Rameet bemoans the subpar standard of present-day male dress and yearns for a time when men cared about neck pieces, like his stunning ascots. He obsesses over the detail of a sock and is excited by the woodsy similarities when a camo APC jacket is paired with a butterfly-print button-down.

I am obsessed with the artful way Rameet rocks red Toms with black jeans and a tux jacket. But it's Rameet's Fred Astaire moves and Abe Lincoln top hat and tails that earns him millions of SLU merits for choosing to be slightly uncomfortable looking good instead of comfortable and looking like everybody else.


Rameet is the founder of Fueled, an iPhone app design agency.


Music by Nevada.

Video Edited by Sandra Garcia Pagola.

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  • Stefany Mohebban

    I am in love, with his style and perhaps him. Period. If you are single Rameet.. Let's meet. 🙂

  • Sargent MollĂ©

    those medals might as well say "most stylish man alive" !!!

  • Lara

    Rameet is one of the most beautiful men in the world inside and out

  • mlle p

    Gorgeous man and style - like the beard is going to keep women away? Ha!

  • ktc

    i concede, this dude is where it's at. super hot.

  • That was like THE best one I've seen. Spectacular! His facial hair doesn't bother me one bit! <3! ;).

  • What a cutie!

  • James Inple

    you go through physical pain so you don't have to go through emotional pain?? seriously?? bruz... man up...?? Aint no woman worth crying over dude... peace!

  • annnais76

    this was absolutely the best profile of style I have seen. What an amazing sense of style. He is so thoughtful and creative about his clothing choices.

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