Preetma Singh

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Dilettante is not a word in Preetma’s vocabulary, between her Ivy League education, political knowledge, time spent as a corporate lawyer and then the courage to kick it for her first love of fashion, which she describes in no simple terms as “the tangible incarnation of a practical fantasy.” Each and every outfit is like a graphic page-turner in one of the Russian novels that she avidly reads and her passion to convey their personal liberation is taking off on her blog. The details are nothing less than her very thought out views on our depressingly splintered and fractured political system that is more about the interest of the individual than the whole. On the virtues of detail, Preetma cites her favorite designer, Dries Van Noten: “It’s more interesting to have just a picture of a detail – then you can dream all the rest around it.” Read More

Strong, capable and intelligent women run in Preetma’s family – her grandmother was a lawyer in India at a time when most women were not – and she likes to dress the part but with a touch of humor and fun mixed in. Her camel Dries blazer that is masculine save for the nip in the back, worn with a McQueen bubble print skirt, a Ralph pinstriped shirt with fluffy sleeves (the Princeton prep in her) and Marc’s twist on the Wallabee is a case in point. While a little bit more of her moody heady side, the part that likes to make an impression as if someone would write about her, is clear in the Comme blanket coat, with jean cut offs, the way over the knee and sickly perfect Prada slouchy riding boots and an Akubra fedora.

Preetma’s splattered Proenza jeans are as close to dressed down or edgy as she gets. “I wanted to be Ms. Kurt Cobain at one time, but it didn’t work… I never get holes in my jeans. I am pristine with clothes,” she admits. Instead she plays with tradition through the lens of tailored clothing like her dad’s old custom suit, a button-down shirt – you can never have too many, she feels, and I agree – and an open embellished sandal. More typically an old lady trapped in a woman’s body, Preetma says that she plays up her “incoherent anachronisms.” She was very excited to show me her “advanced style chic” look for Spring, embodied in Marni sandals that she bought while in law school in Nashville, with ankle socks, a cardigan that looks like a robe and a floral dirndl skirt.

One’s sense of empowerment comes as much from within as without. Her family’s spiritual practice of Sikhism preaches acceptance and cherishing our differences. “When you go to temple, everyone sits on the floor, theres no division and everyone sits in the same place.” As a result, Preetma feels as authoritative in the fragility of her Rodarte pink dress that is “like being in a cloud” as she does in anything else, especially with her forceful touch of a sheer embroidered legging and a studded wedge.

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  • Brandon Acton-Bond

    If anyone wants to make me go to an Ivy League school it is Preetma! Her thoughtfulness and fresh takes on high end clothing is going to get her far in the industry. Love her!

  • Ross Schartel

    I’ve been following the Working Girl foreverI’m so happy you guys interviewed her!

  • S.f. Perrius

    Inspiring! Gorgeous, smart and self-described “intense.” Love it.

  • John Kim

    I have a lot of respect for people who put the lucrative path on hold to pursue a dream. She seems to be balancing it well. Really digging her take on menswear–a very refreshing spin from the usual “go to Goodwill and get a frumpy blazer” look.

    PS: LOVED that she incorporated the Ervell shirt in there… my fav!

  • Denise

    I’ve been a fan of Preetma since I first came across her on Refinery, I’m so glad you did a segment on her! I can’t wait to see her grow as a blogger and see more of her style! P.S. When I move to NY, I want her to be my personal shopper!!!!! x

  • Tay

    We need more women like this in this world.

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  • Hodan

    fascinating old school style with a modern chic twist. Glad to see fellow Toronto native profiled on here.

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  • Lagelle

    I luv her, she so awesome! It would be great to grab some coffee & have some girl time <3


  • Robert Caggiano

    i love her ankle stockings and sandals!