Patricia Fox

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Patricia’s passion and sensibility for dressing is brimming with a feverish passion for the over-the-top frivolity and explosive design sensibility of a king or queen, circa mid-1700′s, with strong overtones of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV of France. She could easily be the carefree girl swinging on a swing in the Fragonard painting. She likes to feel the thrill of royalty in her crowns at home, but she rules the streets of Manhattan in her layers of crinoline and bejewled everything, most of which she makes herself. Patricia is conscious of her uplifting effect on everyone – she gets mostly smiles and thumbs up. In her couture-like, runway-worthy, two-feet-high Queen of Confection hat, people are stopped in their tracks – she says there is that moment of silence and then you know “you did it.” She calls herself an assemblage artist – each piece that she owns down to her socks is unique and they all work together in mulitple ways – nothing has to match and nothing is bought with the intention of working with something else. It just happens through Patricia’s magical talents with composition and color. It’s hard to believe that her mom encouraged her to be a tomboy – Patricia lives in a home that is reminiscent of the most girly dollhouse imaginable. Down to the hundreds of one-of-a-kind vintage hair pins that she owns, it is obvious that Patricia is having a love affair with romance, whimsy, and pure enchantment.
For more about Patricia, and to see samples of some of her interior design work, check out her website. Patricia also advocates her new line of skin products from, NuSkin

  • carrie

    she looks like a delicious cake!

  • harley

    All l can say is…..AMAZING…XXXXXX

  • Anaj

    patricia is a true original and brings her fresh pov to everything she touches. she has a midas touch! but what i loved most about the interview is how down to earth she is, approachable and wanting to connect. That’s the icing on her cake. how lucky we are to have this spirited talent among us, next time i see her in the village, i will say hello!!

  • Jamie

    Patricia is a great inspiration to me. She is a living sculpture. Always new and unpredictable, she is beautiful from head to toe! She is Purely Patricia” and will catch you off guard, make you smile and evoke emotions you never knew you had!!! Everything she touches really DOES turn to gold.

  • Josh

    I LOVE it!!!! Sh’es FAB!

  • jonathan

    Wonderful, Always makes you look twice..

  • MaureenRose

    May all who view be inspired, uplifted and made bolder by your wildly confident creativity, and your commitment to joyful personal expression ! You have the sweetest heart, dear Patricia !!

  • darian Zam

    she is totally WOW.

  • madeline wils

    patricia is so inspiring to everyone who sees and meets her…..feeling good about ones self, expressing your inner being and having no fear to say “hey this is who i am….from the inside out!”
    she is her own person and shares so much of her beautiful self with the world!

  • Elena

    WOW! I love this woman. Can she be my adopted Auntie?

  • Steven Kopstein

    So beautiful. The muse flows through you. I’m so glad we met today. We’re going to have fun.

    “You’ve got to make your own kind of music, sing your own special song.. make your own kind of music – even if nobody else sings along….”

    See you soon.


  • Shell

    She is amazing!!

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