Nina Stotler, Closets
Nina Stotler

When I do these interviews, I have found myself just as interested, if not more so, with what informs our muses as what they are wearing. For example, it is not a coincidence that Nina subscribes to minimal color, clean silhouettes and photography with spare landscapes, and has enough space in her head to read volumes of profound literature. Until recently, she was a purveyor of trends for forecasting companies, which led her to opt out of the overstimulation of fashion fluctuations in favor of a very considered wardrobe that is interchangeable and that she can pack in a carry on in fifteen minutes.

Of her own writing Nina says, "I find the prospect of realizing a narrative and visual concept really exciting, like the creation of a small fleeting world that really communicates who you are." The spare, rhythmic sentences of Joan Didion's writing are an influence on Nina, as is the distinctly handsome and beautiful phenomenon of Tilda Swinton. Like them, Nina's image is a manifestation of her monochromatic mood with her striking platinum hair and white pieces, including a leather Junya Wantanabe motorcycle jacket, Uniqlo jeans and Phi booties. Being understated and distinct at the same time is not easy to achieve. Nina's oversized chambray shirt with the quest-ending over the knee black boots could stop traffic with its suggestion of a timeless classicism that is provocative but tasteful.

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