Nelson Campbell

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Not only is it OK for men to be pretty, Nelson feels– it’s also OK for them to give full-on hugs like he does, with a leg wrapped around and all. He is committed to challenging social contracts and the “operating systems” that restrict us, especially males. In his draped layers of knits and linens, Nelson wears clothes that make him feel free to do whatever he wants to, like educating himself outside of a college classroom traveling all corners of the world for his multiple businesses. To the army in standard khakis and t-shirts, overt emotion and silhouettes that defy convention for men might seem “quirky and eclectic,” but Nelson has found that many of the norms we live by here are nowhere to be found elsewhere. In otherwords, a drop-crotch pant or a flowing Damir Doma coat does not determine your masculinity. In Thailand, for example, he explains, there is no facade. If you make eye contact with someone, it is enough reason to sit down with them, Nelson states, quartz necklaces aside. He has gained the invaluable perspective that the world is made of many different notes that flow together into one verse, as in “uni-verse,” or one verse. A strong sense of personal style is one way to question the status quo and is a form of creation that speaks to people, Nelson believes. Read More

In the past year alone, Nelson has been to Chile, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Belgium, London, Italy, Paris, and Holland. While most men his age are crossing college campuses in uniformed packs, he is climbing the pyramids of Mexico. Nelson is one-of-a-kind in a black “ninja” outfit, experiencing up close and in depth how political systems really affect their people; like the way a person can be shot in the street because of their political affiliation and how to leverage money and finance property in foreign countries. By nurturing his relationships with the many people he meets along the way, Nelson is now involved in a clothing line and is building a resort in Thailand. Fully recovered from transcendental world-hopping on drugs and alcohol, Nelson believes in manifesting, in positivity, and in living in the new. “Instead of saying, ‘I need more,’ I say ‘I need to change this. I need to be this.’”

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  • Geoffrey Young

    Go forth and be beautiful my brother in style! A very talented amazing human with the kindest heart and open mind…
    LOVE you

  • katie chambers

    I find this really inspiring,especially the idea of presenting yourself how you want to, not to be “different” or “cool” just to please yourself. I also think it’s amazing that Nelson got with a kind group of folks who helped him learn some better ways to be. Awesome post.

  • maxime bernier tremblay

    Buddy you might benefit from a tiny bit of formal education. For instance, your folk analysis of the word universe propagates ignorance.

  • Françoise Dubucque

    Zarzan junior!

  • Kelley

    I love Nelson! I think he is VERY SMART and inspiring :) Thank You for this post!

  • Ashley Meyers

    Nelson has such a beautiful outlook on life and such a calming free spirit. I love that he always looks so awesome while staying comfortable at the same time.

  • Santa Fean

    Any relation to Duncan Campbell….or Don and Margarite Campbell or Scot Campbell? Just wondering…

  • Marion A.


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