NC Shuva

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NC is often referred to as the last Ottoman. He is Turkish, but like his eighteenth century ancestors, he is a fighter, albeit the sweet and soulful artistic kind. Dressed in authentic Spartan war attire, he translates the message of his tribal roots and the demons of unconscious, bourgeois thinking through his music. The stage is where he feels most himself, while it’s in day to day life that he feels the need to pretend. In head to toe museum-worthy, inlaid stone necklaces from local bazaars, embroidered wrestling pants and antique greaves, you won’t see him parading in labels or anything reeking of mass homogeneity.

As NC says, “Your culture leaves a residue,” and you always refer back to it. There is not an ounce of him that is ashamed to tell you about the strength he has derived from the closeness of his family, including sleeping in his mother’s bed until he was eighteen and how when one gets married, you move in with all of the generations before you. The idea of living in another house from your family would make the people of his native land laugh. Having suffered personally with the plight of nannies and being ostracized for having a tight-knit family myself, I have often wished that I was part of a larger community that was as supportive. I can see the contentment – which should not be confused for complacency – in the freedom NC feels to consistently push himself farther and to stand alone. Part art historian and part heavy metal rocker with a spiritual presence, he is the lead singer of the band PUi, a melting pot of drummers and singers from all genres, sounds, and ideas. It is a totemic war dance where NC, in a Roman kilt, can express his cool combination of “non-tormented, strong convictions,” of how modernity has stolen the human soul.

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  • Tracy Michelle

    “You have to be bold in what you believe in. [The way I dress] is the flagship of what my inside is.” – NC
    favorite quote. i love his style because its just that- its NC’s style and no one elses. That is what style is all about just showing who you are.

  • Ipek Vitagliano

    I am proud of you, my little brother. You always knew what you wanted and you went after your dream. And you made it.

  • Dani Baum

    Love when NC says, ‎”I feel like I am performing in normal life, and not performing on stage. Stage is my normal life, I perform when I mix with society.” That is something I completely relate to… I think it’s clear that NC is a pretty tough character in his warrior garb, but I particularly appreciate the level of vulnerability that he shared with us in his video… Sleeping with his mother till he was 18, saying that he wishes to see the death or the modern world… Very powerful post… Thank you for sharing your world with us :)

  • MsFitz MsFitz

    “I ripped out all the tags, because I don’t like being a walking advertisment.” Love that.
    An infinitely interesting character, thanks SLU

  • Sin Singh

    Definitely an empowering video. Also, watching Nc blossom into himself is a wonder to witness. There is so much culture behind his performance garb, it’s not just “I chose this because I look good in it” I just LOVE this video! Thank you for sharing.

  • Rebecca Vandersteen

    he so old school…ancient school.. his wisdom,deep spiritual understanding &strength prevails through his clothing and accessories that he wears. i would feel safe in his tribe.

  • Malcolm Harris

    I really don’t know what I would do at this point without StyleLikeU… When I am in my loneliest and darkest hour – I come to this site and immediately feel connected to an energy and a community… The loneliness fades and the light shines in… Watching NC’s brilliance was just what I needed to carry me through until the next time… .

  • Brandon Acton-Bond

    No need to repeat everyone elses comments. Brilliant gent for sure! I have always wanted to find real legit armour to wear just in my every day life. NC opens this up as armour being the truest mens jewelery.

  • Dani Baum

    @ Everyone who already commented! I always go see PUi (NC’s band) play… You guys should come with me next time… They are great. We could make a SLU Fam field trip!

  • Sophie Samul

    NC remains to be one of my favorite videos, since I transcribed his video I weirdly feel like I know him! What a gent.

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  • Dani

    If you liked NC’s StyleLikeU video, check out his band’s first music video! It’s pretty great :)

  • Faena Rossilho

    I remember when we used to go to Chinatown to buy clothes… you always liked to dress diferently from others… very odd… we barely understood each other because of my poor English hahaha now I’m much better… basically we laught a lot the whole time we’ve spend together… good luck Nazim… I wish you all the best for sure!