NC Shuva, Closets
NC Shuva

NC is often referred to as the last Ottoman. He is Turkish, but like his eighteenth century ancestors, he is a fighter, albeit the sweet and soulful artistic kind. Dressed in authentic Spartan war attire, he translates the message of his tribal roots and the demons of unconscious, bourgeois thinking through his music. The stage is where he feels most himself, while it's in day to day life that he feels the need to pretend. In head to toe museum-worthy, inlaid stone necklaces from local bazaars, embroidered wrestling pants and antique greaves, you won't see him parading in labels or anything reeking of mass homogeneity.

As NC says, "Your culture leaves a residue," and you always refer back to it. There is not an ounce of him that is ashamed to tell you about the strength he has derived from the closeness of his family, including sleeping in his mother's bed until he was eighteen and how when one gets married, you move in with all of the generations before you. The idea of living in another house from your family would make the people of his native land laugh. Having suffered personally with the plight of nannies and being ostracized for having a tight-knit family myself, I have often wished that I was part of a larger community that was as supportive. I can see the contentment - which should not be confused for complacency - in the freedom NC feels to consistently push himself farther and to stand alone. Part art historian and part heavy metal rocker with a spiritual presence, he is the lead singer of the band PUi, a melting pot of drummers and singers from all genres, sounds, and ideas. It is a totemic war dance where NC, in a Roman kilt, can express his cool combination of "non-tormented, strong convictions," of how modernity has stolen the human soul.

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