Nan Ahern

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When you are trying to figure out a way to look unique in the current world of unisex black onesies and denim from boyfriend jeans to bell bottoms, Nan, in her pre-1960s ensembles of leopard and red head-to-toe, is a look into some “new” fashion inspiration. Think less waify, doped-up, beatnik and more Parisian Barbie all grown up, with long blond curls and drawers of gloves for every season. I left my interview with Nan inspired by her impeccable 1940s sentiments and merging them into my 2010 eclecticism, obsessing on how her red over-the-elbow gauntlets would be great with everything from a striped shirt to an army jacket. In an age of frequently missing suitcases on airplanes, I fold knits into balls for carry-ons. Nan, on the other hand, loves to create travel wardrobes based on two colors (heirloom alligator bags, trunks, and all), and would likely include her favorite rosebud aprons that she wears over dresses (I see them for me over jeans). Nan’s June Cleaver royal blue dress is a timeless winner, with her pearls and very British hat, and the perfect outfit to pop out of the kitchen in her mother and stepfather’s shadow box world that they made for her, dreaming of fashion scenes.

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  • Stacey Kelly

    i just re-discovered this blog and went through and read pages and pages of these style posts. and i have to say oh-my-god i love your blog. this blog is a beautiful representation of what real style is. and so interesting to read! love that quote at the beginning of this article by the way… that sounds like me!! im always late for that exact reason.


  • Shari

    I find her so inspirational! I love when they love vintage; I think it shows so much more creativity then to just dress in black all the time.

  • E

    Wonderful, life-affirming delight.
    Thank you x

  • poochiescloset


  • Jane Cottrell

    That Nan is one classy dame!

  • Imani

    vintage is amazing! I love that purple velvet hat!!!!

  • JessBortone

    Aunt Nan, you have always had a sense of style I adore! xoxo

  • Renée

    I love her!

  • Jody

    Fantastic Nan! I know you impressed the hell out of my friend Jane when you showed up that Thanksgiving with your fur and hat. You look great–as usual!

  • Enrique

    Nan, you’re a true inspiration… not only style galore, but also serious substance a plenty! Especially LOVED that you were interviewed with Elgar’s Nimrod variation and Bach’s Jesu Joy playing in the background… icing on the cake! xoxo

  • Mary

    Nan, I loved every picture!! I learned lots of things I did not know–you play the piano!! Wow, add that to all of your other talents. What fun it was to read your blog and look at the pictures.

  • Josephine

    what a fantastic, unique character

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