Molly Gottschalk

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Molly says that as a photographer she never walked around looking for something to photograph. “To be a true artist you need to be making it… it needs to come from inside your head.” (Take a look at her haunting self portraits in this post). It is this drive for authenticity that defines Molly. With it, she’s earned her stripes as an art director at a young age. Her conviction to become herself was there from an early age. As a toddler, Molly would not go to bed unless she was in heels and would kick and scream until her mother gave up and let her sleep in them. Being true to yourself requires self awareness and a willingness to grow and to hear your teachers. Molly has had many influences, including her mother and grandmother, who were the epitome of elegance in dressing. In fact, Molly’s babysitters would wait to catch a glimpse of their head to toe polished outfits, some of which Molly still wears today. Similarly, Molly’s all about feeling pulled together, but in a modern, “mismatched… middle school girl in little skirts,” kind of way. Much of her look is achieved with long-coveted family heirlooms – a chiffon scarf from her grandmother, a bustier from her mother, and two hundred pounds of Chanel suits and a straw boater, among other treasures, from her cousin. Molly says that she loves to look like Jackie O and she is always in heels, including the perfect Marc Jacobs spectators that she managed to get back from her sister after giving them away. For me, this shoe exemplifies Molly herself: “poised, elegant, sexy, and feminine,” the characteristics usually described to “women of another era,” as she says. What has probably impacted Molly’s career path the most is an internship with legendary photographer David LaChapelle, which turned into a two year gig. It was during this experience that she tossed off photography and found not only her director’s voice, but became David’s muse. Molly says of her mentor, “He knows exactly what he wants, he doesn’t rely on other people to present ideas to him. He’s very driven.” It takes one to know one, as the saying goes.

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  • S.f. Perrius


  • Patricia Ramirez

    I love her last words, very encouraging.

  • Christina Topacio

    She has a delicate way of describing clothing. I love how she describes each piece and the story behind each. I love it.

  • Roxanne Fequiere

    molly manages to wear bold pieces in strong colors in such a calming way. even the color of molly’s wall complements her pieces perfectly.