Molly Crabapple, Closets
Molly Crabapple
"When I was a little girl, my mom would show me Toulouse Lautrec [paintings] and I was obsessed with the idea of finding that kind of Moulin Rouge place, filled with cigarette smoke, absinthe, artists and can-can dancers who might kick the hat off the Prince of Wales."

Running away from "normal" life is Molly's forte and she has done it with abundant success. At seventeen, she found herself living in a bookstore in Paris, surrounded by artists, in a room with a brocade bedspread and an old mirror. Today, the Venetian courtesan in her appears when she is wearing her towering red patent platform stripper shoes. Though she can only live out her "lady of the evening" dream in them at a party where the floor boards are even so that she doesn't fall over. Beginning with the influence of her mom's passion for Toulouse Lautrec, Molly lives a post impressionist fantasy as a successful artist herself in a loft in NYC, that is replete with chandeliers, paper lanterns, burlesque postures, plumes and art everywhere. When Molly is home painting and sketching her "hyper detailed surrealist Victorian pictures," she is in an embroidered silk robe, gold and pearl Rococo slippers and might be obsessing over a pair of Alexander McQueen Gilly booties etched with almost medieval knot-work. But when out and about, like a 19th century painting, Molly is in hour glass silhouettes, crinolines, crocheted gloves, veiled head pieces and other "arcane" accessories. Wanderlust is a state of mind, whether in Marakesh or The Financial District, its all in the Parisian brothel vibe.

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  • St├ęphane Lautres

    Molly, found of u and your work, write me back !

  • Nanush

    From fashions of dress to fashions of speech:
    Molly, it sounds like you worked real hard to cleanse your accent from every speck of Jew Yawk, Newyorican and Lon Gisland talk.
    But really! To drop adopt something authentic, for those suburban San Fernanado, Mall Mouse lilts?
    Why is every statement that you make, turned into a question? You are far to articulate for that!

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