Molly Crabapple

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Running away from “normal” life is Molly’s forte and she has done it with abundant success. At seventeen, she found herself living in a bookstore in Paris, surrounded by artists, in a room with a brocade bedspread and an old mirror. Today, the Venetian courtesan in her appears when she is wearing her towering red patent platform stripper shoes. Though she can only live out her “lady of the evening” dream in them at a party where the floor boards are even so that she doesn’t fall over. Beginning with the influence of her mom’s passion for Toulouse Lautrec, Molly lives a post impressionist fantasy as a successful artist herself in a loft in NYC, that is replete with chandeliers, paper lanterns, burlesque postures, plumes and art everywhere. When Molly is home painting and sketching her “hyper detailed surrealist Victorian pictures,” she is in an embroidered silk robe, gold and pearl Rococo slippers and might be obsessing over a pair of Alexander McQueen Gilly booties etched with almost medieval knot-work. But when out and about, like a 19th century painting, Molly is in hour glass silhouettes, crinolines, crocheted gloves, veiled head pieces and other “arcane” accessories. Wanderlust is a state of mind, whether in Marakesh or The Financial District, its all in the Parisian brothel vibe.

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  • Rebecca Vandersteen

    she is so intelligent.such an old her passion for french style in clothing and accessories.and literature and art as well. tres bien.

  • Staceyeva

    her life seems like such a fantasy. she seems genuine and she’s very well-spoken, this was a pleasure to watch.


  • Alley O’Shea

    Molly Crabapple was a fantastic muses for SLU. I loved all her stories about being young in Paris.

  • Georgie Lambert

    Just adore seeing people living and working the artistes lifestyle..keep up the good work..thanx Georgie :)

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  • Ramona Canino

    Thank you Georgie!!

    I love how Molly got to live and read at Shakespeare and Company in Paris at such a young age. That’s the best way to get away from home and grow.

  • Zoetica Ebb

    Yess! It’s about time my dear Miss Molly was also appreciated for her thrifting eagle eye and intrepid heel wear in the most adverse conditions!

  • Marissa Kenneke

    Molly makes me want to do two things: run away to Paris and survive off the art and culture of the city streets…AND…get stripper shoes!

  • Sophie Samul

    Molly was a real treat to watch. I would love to just sit in a book store and read with her, in her self-proclaimed “heaven”! All of the hard work I know she put into her art and Dr. Sketchy’s is truly an inspiration to all working artists, young and old. I know Molly is destined for even greater things than she has already accomplished!

  • Brandon Acton-Bond

    This might be the most romantic SLU interview I’ve seen. Just the way she talks about Shakespeare and co in Paris and her burlesque experience is inspring. Also if I could find a good Ruff I would wear one. Lets bring em back! And any woman that likes a pair of Fleuvogs is pretty damn cool to begin with.

  • Jordan Middendorf

    Really enjoyed this – I am so inspired by the way she has cultivated this persona through her fashion.

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  • Samantha Lind

    I love the fact that she embraces Dior’s “New look” of the 1940′s. It is probably the most flattering look for women, and she reincarnates it very well.

  • Josephine

    A touch of steampunk, I adore the cabaret influence.

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  • Stéphane Lautres

    Molly, found of u and your work, write me back !

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