MilDred Gerestant

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When MilDred finally decided to shave her head after a lifetime of “trying to be beautiful” with endless variations on braids, perms, finger waves and weaves, she says a weight was lifted off of her spirit as well as her head. Self-imposed baldness is bold and gutsy, especially on a woman, but that’s what it takes to make a style statement that is uncommonly elegant. She is arrestingly pretty and handsome with or without hair, her skin glows in a way that most people would spend thousands of dollars to emulate and she has the good taste to know that less is more, wearing no makeup except for her black lipstick and moisturizer. Bullied and teased relentlessly as a kid, MilDred uses the negative labels as a means of transforming self-loathing into self-worth. “Tar baby is now beautiful black cocoa skin, nappy hair is now perfectly shaved head and flat feet are powerful roots” of her Haitian culture. “It’s all about how you choose to experience yourself…I either trust and love myself, or others will enslave me. I choose my spirit.” The fact that MilDred grew up suicidal because of how ugly she felt in this society is shameful and we really do need to ask ourselves how things got this way and who is controlling these notions of what is attractive?

The quintessential question that MilDred challenges us all to answer is, “Can you handle the mystery?” She has found personal freedom from our culture’s imprisoning belief systems through her spiritually uplifting performances as a drag king where she embraces the gift and range of human sexuality. Whether it’s Dred in a man’s suit, tie and beard with her female voice or MilDred in a white halter dress, it is the juxtaposition and exploration of masculine and feminine dynamics that has taught her to welcome everything about herself that she was trained to hate. Something that MilDred finds most disturbing is the notion of who or who isn’t a sinner, based on the moment that Eve took a bite of the apple. We are all human she makes evident, no matter the many shades of our particular temptations.

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  • Zalina Walton

    Very interesting and inspiring. I love when she says “Choose how to experience yourself.” You go girl!

  • Aria Cavaliere

    Too cool!

  • blackrose

    amazing self-love. gorgeous person.

  • Emmanuel Rutayisire

    Beautiful in every way possible!

  • Christi Gravett-Carrington

    I absolutely love this. I can’t say that about many of the videos here, but this is inspiring.

  • Sophie Samul

    I am so moved by MilDred’s statement that “it’s all about how you choose to experience yourself.” As someone who has spent far too much time and energy struggling to love and accept myself, MilDred truly makes me FEEL. I admire her self-worth and self-acceptance more than I can express in words. Really inspiring.

  • Samara Wiseman

    this is the truth! so inspired – everyone should live their lives as free and real as MilDred!

  • Georgie Lambert

    Authenticity is the ONLY way thankyou for being yourself :)

  • Samantha Lind

    This woman is amazing. I really appreciate the fact that when she chooses to dress in drag it is only to release another part of her personality, rather than trying to hide her identity as a woman. She really embraces the idea of being nothing. She states “In my nothingness I am free”. This enables her to truly express and be comfortable with who she is as a person. This is something more people should do instead of hiding behind labels that society gives them.

  • Tara DeVincenzo

    i have seen her talk before and she has the most inspiring presence. i am so glad SLU has chosen to show her! wonderful!

  • Rachel Esterline


  • Lauren Suzanne

    soooo gorgeous…..

  • Brandon Acton-Bond

    Inspiring interview! What a fantastic example of how hardship in her younger life pushed Mildred to really be herself and be free. Beautiful person. I couldn’t help but think how Mildred would make a perfect role model who SHOULD be in those silly magazines like Marie Claire and Self etc rather then the usual uninspired celebrities. This SLU closet was a spiritual one more then anything else and it truly was a treat on this cold Saturday afternoon.

  • Josephine Mensah

    WOW one of the most genuine ppl on SLU!!! thanks for posting:)

  • Elfee Duquette

    I want to be a Drag King as well.

  • Tanisha Everett

    Loves her style and her spirit. What an inspiration

  • gina gibbons

    Wow–just wow. Such a light, refreshing and beautiful being. This is what fashion/self-expression is all about.

    Thank you Mildred for being so true and choosing to move beyond former limitations. Just by being you, others will find their truth. Cheers to self-transformation! That’s what it’s all about :)

    Much love from your sister Gina

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