Mey Bun

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Whether bald or wearing flannels with a bandana everyday, “less is more” is an art – Joan and Melissa Rivers, are you listening?

Mey was discovered by her modeling agency at the age of nineteen while marching in the Gay Pride Parade with a shaved head. The hair, or lack thereof, was a symbol of her fresh start from high school and letting go of the desire to fit in. Having the courage to follow your heart and your dreams runs in the family. Mey’s parents escaped the Khmer Rouge in the ’70s and ended up in Brooklyn via Thailand.

Mey’s minimal style remains more or less the same, but not her hair. Its various lengths from long to nothing at all represents a timeline of the emotional and professional stages of her life, although her androgynous and edgy archetype always shines through. There was a time that Mey felt as though she had to be more girly to be accepted in her career, but today she proudly does not own a dress. Instead, she’s striking in breton stripes and trousers and few can make a simple tee and skippies look so of the moment. Of modeling she says, “It has taught me to keep pushing and never give up.”

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  • Kelley O’Brien

    So excited for Mey getting posted! Great Tattoos

  • Ramona Canino

    I love Mey’s simple, classic and effortless style!

  • Fariha Róisín

    So gorgeous and level headed. Great courage Mey, keep it going!

  • Sophie Samul

    Mey is definitely one of my favorite closets. Transcribing her video was a dream – Fariha is right, she really is level headed and has a fearlessness about her that I can’t adequately explain or put into words. And on top of if it all, she’s beautiful!

  • Dani Baum

    I really like when Mey says, “Every time I cut my hair, people say to me, ‘You’re back! Mey Bun’s back!’ But I’ve never left.” It’s interesting because it shows that when you do something drastic, like cut off all of your hair, people start associating the choices you make about your physical body with who you are inside, and although many times how you present yourself physically is a representation of your inner self, sometimes it doesn’t matter… Like with Mey, who says that she’s always been there :)

    Love the second picture of Mey & her mustache tattoo… tre adorable…

  • Josephine Mensah

    OMG!!! Mey is exactly like my ex-roommate!!!! they have the same history, the same voice, attitude EVERYTHING!!! although we get a flash into her life and wardrobe…i feel like i know!! great piece SLU:)

  • S.f. Perrius

    So pretty! Yeah, I like her vibe–she is like a skater dude and that really low-key neighbor that you end up telling all your secrets to.

  • James Mccaffery

    More evidence that style doesn’t have to cost a zillion dollars. Easy and genuine.

  • Jesse Prince

    great style. great ink. i’d rock some of these things too.

  • Audrey Kimura

    Nice collection of shirts and shoes!!
    Love your style, Mey.