Maxime Buchi

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1) How did you find Maxime?
Elisa: Through Scarlett Rouge. When I saw her sacred geometry tattoo on her chest,
it was the first time that I wanted to take the plunge for one myself, and she suggested we interview her tattoo artist, Maxime.

2) What did Maxime inspire you to buy? Music, books, clothes, etc?
Elisa: His art and culture magazine, Sang Bleu. Read More

3) What’s the first thing you remember from your shoot with Maxime?
Elisa: His body covered in the most elegant tattoos.

4) What personal quality/character do you admire in Maxime?
Elisa: His ability to juggle his very artful and demanding tattoo business with putting together two underground, fine art, music and culture magazines, both of which are worth their weight in gold.

5) What is your favorite thing about Maxime’s style?
Elisa: The simplicity of his hip-hop and skate board inspired clothing as the backdrop to his his epic body suit of tattoos. They are a spectacularly ornamental backdrop to everything from Birkenstocks, Ralph Lauren pink bermudas, a Givenchy tee and blood red Nike’s. I also love how chic his “European rude boy, sort of gangster… with a Fred Perry twist” aesthetic is.

6) Emotionally, what has stayed with you since your interview with Maxime?
Elisa: I LOVE Maxime’s explanation of how many people are getting tattoos right now because it makes them feel as though they belong to something in a present culture where a connection to tradition is largely lost. Also, Maximes’ elucidation of the current re-appropriation of symbols into opposing and contradictory meanings fascinates me, as in his explanation of Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone tattoo on his face– “Gucci Mane getting that ice cream cone tattooed on his face sums up our time because it is…this really hardcore dude getting an ice cream with “burr” written on his cheek which is absurd and childish… but hardcore.”

7) What was your favorite thing Maxime said or did during the interview?
Elisa: How he believes that his form of tattooing appropriates the old structure of western tattoos being for sailors and prisoners and reintegrates it with occidental and tribal tattoo traditions.

  • Tasha

    Yay. He’s such a beauty and his magazine is great.