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It’s norm-smashing, soulful, and visionary shit like this video that has had us craving to get Mary Randolph Carter’s story on SLU. Lily and I have mentioned a few times before the people in our lives who have inspired this site, and MRC, who was my mind-blowing, unswerving-from-who-she-was boss at Self Magazine in the 80s, is at the tippy top of the list. She has never worn an “It” dress; in fact, she went to the Met Ball in an inside-out vintage frock that had Diana Vreeland drooling. And the closest thing to an “It” shoe are her worn Frye boots, sans polish, that she wears with everything, including her plaid patched jeans and her velvet embroidered jackets (and I’m sure they’ve served as an evening shoe on occasion). In her eternal layers of tweeds, Navajo prints, and plaid ties, she is the kind of self-empowered original that we live for. Read More

Feeling young at 65ish, wrinkles for Carter (her nickname that unveils her tom-girl charm) are just another natural and beloved extension of who she is, similar to her lifelong obsession with the romance of the torn, weathered, and tattered things that stuff her house and closet to the brim.“I look at the face of my beautiful mother (who’s 93 years old and has birthed and raised nine children), and it has lines, sun marks, and some damage, but I still think to myself, ‘I want my mother’s face.’ She is my heart and bones.” Carter has survived two devastating fires as a child growing up in Virginia homes steeped in warmth and tradition; she was Mademoiselle’s Beauty Editor, the one who started fashion at New York Magazine, and the Creative Director and founder of Self Magazine; she’s been an integral inspiration to Ralph Lauren for 25 year and has raised two kids and been married to her husband for 45 years. It’s a fairytale born out of the unconditional support of family and heritage, only instead of a ball gown there’s a white shirt (she wears them seven days a week) and military pants (she’s all about them, even though her legs are drop-dead).

Carter drinks in life, and Never Stop to Think… Do I Have a Place For This? is the title of her new book, which is an extension of the way she and others like her have lived (i.e. self expression oozing out of every possible body part and corner of their lairs). Her own house is an Americana fantasy packed with enough antiques, oddities, and memorabilia from her insanely rich story to fill a museum. As she says, “I’ve never stopped to think if I felt like I needed it. It’s not a matter of need; it’s a matter of what is going to have personal meaning to me.” Her style, too, is about layering, and she typically showcases her hunger for curated accumulation by topping off her signature white shirts, chinos, and loafers (she says she dresses like her dad) with indigenous hand knits and folkloric capes.

Donning tuxedos to black-tie events and feeling the most beautiful in a flannel and sweatpants in her barn Upstate, Carter could’ve been one of the women who she profiled while revolutionizing fashion with the series she started at Mademoiselle — a series that asked real woman not just about what they wore but about their life stories (sound familiar?). But when we asked Carter what would she take if there was a fire in her present abode, she answered, “Nothing but my husband, because it’s not about things, it’s about emotion, feeling, triggering memory.” Taught to treasure the past and the families that shepherd you along, Carter states, “When people come to my home, I want them to feel the way that I felt when I came home. The fire was crackling, the candles were lit, and there was a pot of Brunswick stew on the stove that my mother had just made. There was such a sense of belonging. We were surrounded by love.”

Elisa + Lily

Get Carter’s newest book, Never Stop to Think… Do I Have a Place for This?
Read her book A Perfectly Kept House Is the Sign of a Misspent Life
Carter’s video was edited by Paul O’Brochta

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    Thank you…Xx

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    Loved everything about this closet, it was a total feast for my eyes and my spirit!! She is beyond fabulous and her home sanctuary is a place of magic, my favorite type of dwelling place. As soon I finished watching, I jumped on Amazon and ordered her book. Thank you for getting better and better.

  • june

    this lady is so incredibly chic

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    Speechless! She’s just so lovely. I’d have a field day in her flat looking at all her treasures!

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    I love MRC and this was one of the best closets featured! Thanks for sharing her story.

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    Thank you for this wonderful story.

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    Absolutely one of the best you’ve done. I hope to meet this incredible woman some day.

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    I immensely enjoyed this. Such a fantastic style, personality and philosophy …

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    Love love love her, and the story… Beautiful. Well done, thank you.

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    My favorite post of yours ever – LOVE her! Her style and words ring so true for me. I wish I could work at Ralph Lauren as her assistant.

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    Thank you so much. The gorgeous creative soul of this women shines out. I love SLU and this is my favourite post.

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    What a woman!!! I absolutely love everything about her! So inspiring. We need more of this.

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    A kindred spirit thankyou for this amazing profile indeed

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    So much soul… What a shero! LOVE this to pieces. -xo

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    This is bit geeky I know :) . I wish I could find out the star signs of these amazing people. Just a simple thought.
    Love love your work!

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    I love this girl! Read two of her books – she is amazing. Talented, warm, deep, very inspiring.

    I also don’t iron anything and want to see my face wrinkled. :)

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    She says her jacket is herringbone. But it’s not. It’s hounds tooth.

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    I loved this so much. Thank you for sharing!

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    Mary Randolph Carter is a true and classic original. She’s been an inspiration to me for over 30 years. Amazing woman.

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    Her life seems so layered…I like that…

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