Lyz Olko

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There is something eternally powerful about Lyz’s rock ‘n roll uniform of black leather jackets and band tees that sometimes can double as a dress. During her interview, it was not a wonder to me when she affirmed that music has always been a huge influence in her life. Lyz was chic as could be in a simple black and white stripe shirt in a room lined with multiple variations of the perfect black boots, many of which I would have liked to take home. Furthermore, when it comes to her musical influence, Lyz says all roads lead back to Nirvana, an obsession which dates back to age thirteen. It was at the time that she fell under the spell of Kurt Cobain when she immersed herself in the skater culture of suburban New Jersey, where she grew up. Lyz fondly remembers how she and her friends would sneak into NYC after school on a bus, wearing converse and cut offs. I relate to her affection for the “gritty city” and appreciate she has seen through her lens on a skateboard. “Shows at Coney Island, eating brownies and the cooler… shopping at Andie’s Cheapies and Venus records on West 8th Street,” are some of Lyz’s vivid recollections. She says that NYC remains the most inspiring place in the world to her and I feel the same way. Today, Lyz’s aesthetic has evolved from sneakers to Victorian ankle boots and an array of edgy designer blazers. However, the cutoffs remain the same, except that now, their side laces and studs are created by Lyz’s own popular downtown label, Obesity and Speed, which she founded with partner Josh Conner.

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  • Jordan Middendorf

    There is something so refreshing about watching Lyz talk about her style. Plenty of people wear band tees with leggings and leather jackets but she feels really authentic to herself and makes it special. Gritty chic!

  • Dani Baum

    LOVE love LOVE love LOVE that leather jacket! Ughhh, dying… Lyz… where are you? I need to introduce you to all of my friends…

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  • death_sexxx
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  • John