Lou Delcy, Closets
Lou Delcy

Ludget lived across the street from school growing up and he was still late, taking about two hours to get dressed everyday. He says that at a certain point, "people expect you to look good... it becomes like a performance. You feel pressure." Along those lines, I have been thinking about how the internet has created a stage for everyone. And thanks to the new media world, we can see how someone as talented as Ludget personalizes clothes with his exemplary use of color. Some examples are his sapphire trench (instead of the standard camel-colored one), red tux jacket, and multiple pairs of eye-popping Paul Smith shoes, used in unexpected ways like the red suede wingtip with the mustard and black fringe blazer. Ludget gets the turquoise accent in with his mammoth ring that he designed, even when the colors are muted with his army green jumpsuit worn with everything from an earthy tweed blazer to a Peruvian poncho. High or low, he buys with a sharp eye for owning pieces that have intrinsic value. Ludget is a fashion stylist, but when you see how well he wears clothes, my instinct is to put him in front of the camera (a Paul Smith ad campaign?).

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