Liza Thorn

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I filmed Liza in San Francisco on a quintessential, crisp, clear, late summer day in the very cool and quaint Mission District where she lives, an area that reeks of a history embedded with the flavor of the ’60s and ’70s and a perfect backdrop to meeting Liza. To me, she is like opening up a treasure chest of a free spirit gone by, embodied most poignantly in icons of talent and style like Marianne Faithfull (of Mick Jagger fame) and Anita Pallenberg from a few decades past, when artists of all genres set the trends and influenced style to this day. For me, the genius lies in things like total comfort in that quirky kind of beauty, like a space between the teeth, an ease with throwing anything on to go anywhere, including a sequin sheer dress to the beach and a talent for turning a thrift, Missoni-esque skirt into a one-shoulder dress by sticking one arm through the zipper. Always following her own path, Liza says that in high school she was often trying to figure out who the bad crowd was, but couldn’t really think of anyone besides herself. Her dad is a Buddhist monk who dons spiritual robes, and her mom is a librarian who gave up buying Liza clothes in high school because she would tear them up and turn them into something of her own. Today, that ingenuity can be seen in her wearing a sequin tablecloth as a shawl. Liza wears the same clothes that she gets her morning coffee in as she does when she performs as the lead singer and co-writer of her band, BRIDEZ. Liza checks out her local Salvation Army everyday and ends up with some gems like her Dior leopard coat, shredded to perfection with just the right amount of lining exposed, and best of all, worn over her Gaultier bathing suit, as only Liza can do.

  • jay

    I loved and smiled. This is all so genius- the sensibility is perfect.

  • Natalie

    Liza is AMAZING. The way you captured her just ripping apart those sequined bibs, even though its her favorite piece, that was her approach to LIFE right there. No preciousness, just in the moment, energy and style as one.

  • shea

    omg, amazzingg! my favorite so far!!

  • Kieran

    She was so entertaining to watch.. reminds me of my best friend

  • Bailey H

    so cool

  • b

    looooove this chick. love her laughs too.

  • sandy

    this hipster shit is so played out.

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  • C

    do you know what music is in the backround.. it’s amazing!

  • SamBamThankYouMaam

    love her!

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  • Francheska

    This girl is SO great! I love her personality…. it seems like she is going to burst out laughing at any minute now! There is something very mysterious about her in a way…

    Also you have the most incredible way of saying “Its amazing”
    Seriously Im always happy to hear those 2 words in your videos because you say it in such a unique way! I cant explain it :D

    X Francheska (Fashion Canvas)

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  • Vanessa

    Omg..Liza, you are awesome!! You made me laugh, so honest and fun! :-)

  • Jennifer Faust