Lindsay Luv

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I love how Lindsay came to DJing after working in A&R in the music business. I think we all can agree that someone who has actually earned their title before claiming it is refreshing. Obsessed with the band Dispatch in their infant stages, she promoted their music from her high school parking lot and followed them as a fan to the top. When Lindsay was twenty-one, Sire Records co-founder Richard Gottehrer recognized Lindsay’s ability to recognize untapped talent. He gave her the job of helping to grow indie talent on the rise like the Raveonettes and booking Chromeo and Justice for events. The rest is history, from gangster rap to hipster disco, with a little Beethoven’s 5th thrown in. Lindsay is a much sought after DJ, traveling all over the world despite her fear of flying. It doesn’t seem that much gets in her way. She taught herself her trade under the tutelage of DJ AM, but not far behind in her mind was loads of classic rock influence, instilled by the vinyl that her parents listened to while she was growing up.

With lots of red lipstick, Lindsay is passionate about the virtues of variations on the little black dress and you can see how this could make living life on the fly in night clubs work in the style department. She adds her eclectic sock collection in the mix, much like she adds classical music to top forty hits. Just as Lindsay is the real deal as a musical artist, she is also authentic in everything she approaches. I appreciate her honesty and depth in recognizing that SLU is not about being outlandish, but about being true to yourself.

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  • Gabi Richmond

    Luv this and miss you Linds, the pinkyoto dress and shout outs to the Boyds/Oak were fab.

  • Juliana Brocco

    I love LLuv Style, very inspirational DJ as well…lots of LUV!!! xo.

  • Deena Frio

    You have always been the real deal!! Very proud of you! xoxo

  • Dani Baum

    Lindsay has such a great energy. One of my favorite memories that I have is hanging out with her in the basement of Greenhouse many moons ago and she would play the theme song to True Blood for me (Bad Things by Jace Everett.) The show was really new at the time and no one had any idea why we were freaking out over that song… I love the story about her Navajo bracelet from her parents who taught under-privileged children in Arizona. Also love the dress with the see-through sides… That is definitely a classic LL look.

  • Camille Okhio

    She’s super cute and seems to really be passionate about her craft. I like her. She has a good energy in this video.

  • Lily Mandelbaum

    word camille.

  • Kathryn McGinnis

    Love Lindsay’s style and moreover, her positive outlook on life… great interview!

  • Samantha Lind

    She is adorable! She has a great personality!

  • kate

    REALLY? i do not find her inspiring in the least. Her clothes and accessories look cheap. She clearly likes to talk about herself but she is not interesting at all.