Lindsay Jones

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Lindsay lives in a princess room in a loft that is nothing short of Brooklyn’s version of a castle. It was designed by her best friend and fellow mom, 1990s model Sibyl Buck, and is like wandering around in a funhouse for artistic bohemians. There is magic in the cracked and decayed elegance of Lindsay’s boudoir, where broken vases sit in bowls as decoration and she holes up reading Russian writers, love letters, and romantic fables about female Turkish Tatars and Mongolians soldiers on horseback. There is an almost tangible, enchanted New York twilight that fills the space. Across the long and cavernous corridors, up stairs and across ramps (Harry Potter-style, filled with fantasy nooks and crannies along the way that make you want crawl into them and never leave) is her design room. It is here where she brings all of her novels to life, creating royal, kimono-inspired hooded coats, dresses, with handweaving and a chunky, folkloric vibe that screams one-of-a-kind. Lindsay is Anna Karenina-meets-fifteenth-century Siberian warrior-meets-Navajo prairie girl, with her long blonde locks streaked in powder blues, her white moccasin booties with long skirts and Shetland sweaters, and her worn Victorian dresses, one tied on top of another as a shawl for a unique and ancient mix of fabrics. Her unabandoned creative energy began in second grade in Utah, where she wore bikini bottoms on top of leggings, a la Cyndi Lauper. Lindsay says that she is a junkie for the personal style of others (“the visual thinkers”), but I am obsessed with hers. Each time I see Lindsay, I am inspired to try something with something else that I hadn’t thought of before.

If you like Lindsay, you may also enjoy Sidney Geubelle or Malin Landaeus.

  • laurel

    i LOVE Lindsay Jones…LOVELOVELOVE
    She’s more than precious…and I love all that she says.

  • teresa

    i heart lindsay jones.

  • domonique

    I LOVE THIS! each post gets better and better and she is SO beautiful

  • jay

    I thinks she pulls off her unique style really well. I like her designs too but when I read the comments that go along with the photos it says Lindsay used to pretend she had made clothes which other designers had in fact actually made. Is there more of a background story to why she did this? I found that part a little strange.

  • banana

    Jay, I think she just meant that she used to try and hand-make her own versions of expensive designer pieces that she couldn’t afford, but that they came out quite different and as something of her own in the end (at least that’s what I understood from watching the video.)

  • Dad

    I did too know how to dress her. She just had her own style.

  • Lindsay Jones

    dear banana

    some misunderstanding…but i understand.

    I meant the reason i created at such an early age
    was out of desire. It may very well be the reason
    I create still. It is the same reason one person loves another.

    It is really simple
    but definitely individual
    and inspired
    from the unique heart

    like a moth to flame burned by the fire

    oh yeah…

    that’s janet btw



  • Lindsay Jones

    oh wait the op

    I was like four or five

    and he lived far away

    i really can’t defend myself
    but it felt like a gift i wanted to make.



  • lyon

    nice work lindsay.

  • elisa

    i will clarify, my mistake in the writing. I was only making the point about Lindsay’s passion for designing at an early age when I mentioned her imitating clothes. I thought it was a cute and honest anecdote and a sign of creativity at a very early age. Lindsay for me, is an exceptional and talented free spirit who embodies this site, anything said is all in support of her.

  • Lindsay Jones



  • kathrin

    i want to live in this place
    and those coats

  • Kate

    Mind blowing and a truly inspirational individual! The long black coat with all the buttons…sublime, beautiful!

  • poochiescloset

    I’d love to play dress up with Lindsay in the princess room. This site kicks ass!

  • ljr

    she’s my new favorite, absolutely love her.

  • parlezvousmae

    so lovely and elegant with a rustic edge. her art is beautiful, especially that woven fibers piece.

  • Fariha Róisín

    The Victorian Dress from Utah is something that I want to steal! How spectacular! Lindsay, let’s be best friends!

  • Josephine

    One of the most interesting people I have seen on here. Out of this world.

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