Liam McMullan and Aesha Waks, Closets
Liam McMullan and Aesha Waks

Liam and Aesha remind me of one of my favorite movies, directed by the legendary Bernardo Bertolucci, called The Dreamers, which is set in Paris during the 1968 student uprisings. It's not an exact comparison for many reasons, including the fact that the film is about a sister and a brother, and Liam and Aesha are engaged to be married. However, the movie's capturing of a certain idealism of youth is reminiscent to me of the couple's struggle to hold onto their ideals and themselves upon entering a complicated and flawed "adult" world, much like the late 1960s in the movie. Liam and Aesha live in her family's very idyllic house that doubles as an artist's commune - it's situated directly on the water with views of Manhattan, but is very far away from the intensity of the city. They are both actors, with numerous accomplishments under their belts, however, lounge singing ("he does his Frank Sinatra and I do my Marilyn Monroe," says Aesha) and writing a socially relevant, animated comedic screenplay are just two among a very long list of other creative projects that the pair are currently working on. Liam is all charm, and has given up his penchant for deceased old men's clothes for Aesha. He literally climbed from his first floor to the balcony for me in his new look of bright colors and skinny jeans, but with his added wit of a cape and his signature Sergeant Pepper touches. Aesha, thoughtful and earnest, has a colorful and fun side, in her superman tee and red bustier, but is also understated in a muted long dress (a hand-me-down from her grandmother), and is very attached to the meaning behind her favorite jewelry given by a friend and tattoos in memory of her mom. Together, in their complementary David Bowie vintage tees, they make each others worlds go round.

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