Lauren Buxton

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It strikes me how completely opposite Lauren is from Sammy (our previous post) in style, but so similar in their ability to be completely natural and emphatic in their own expression (although they both love fairies, Sammy has a tattoo of one and she wears floral headbands). Lauren grew up in Virgina, where the richness Early American culture had a big affect on her. There were American Indian artifacts in abundance under her grandmother’s tomato garden and on top of mountains she would hike to. She has loads of authentic arrowheads and she is so taken with them that they are tattooed on her arm, symbolizing some of their prized tribal mythology. Having been surrounded by Jeffersonian history, Lauren has a “past life” affinity with the Colonial and Civil War time periods. I can picture her in a log cabin on an album cover, very ’70s, one of her other favorite time periods for its purity and soulfulness, in her oversized Native American cardigans, Victorian cotton dresses, khaki suspenders with jeans, loads of worn in men’s boots, and turquiose. Rumour has it that she is starting a folk music band, however, until her first “hit” single, her photo shoot is more likely to be an ad for her first feature film or mocumentary. Lauren lives in an an East Village walk-up and is forging her way towards establishing herself in the movie industry as an actor and writer. True to her down-to-earth wardrobe, she is determined to gain success from the pure love of the craft and not for the purpose of gaining fame.

If you like Lauren, you might also enjoy Maggie Godwin, Philippa Price, or Ruby and Summer.

This summer, Lauren worked on a short film. You can watch the trailer here.

  • kasia

    ..very cute,love her cardigans..

  • Bored of this site

    Wow…another alternative/hipster girl…what happened to ORIGINALITY

  • Ramona

    Buxton Butterfly you look great! love the picture of you in the tweed blazor. and Love you!

  • carrie

    such a natural, organic, unpretentious attitude towards clothing and expression. very inspirational. x

  • Dulsie

    looks like an olsen, but listens to edward sharpe? love her.

  • Sinead

    she looks like an olsen!
    I love her

  • fesi
  • Melissa

    i was very disapointed that she didn’t discuss the red navajo sweater jacket in the photo details. i would really love to know where she got it, if its new or vintage. if anyone knows please email me i have been looking for one like it. thanks!

  • Imani
  • elisa

    the navajo sweater details are in the captions, it’s from zara. xo

  • Wrecked Stellar

    I loved her style and her passions- I really loved her tattoos, especially the Native American symbols. I grew up going to many Native American pow-wows and love that culture. Her floral headpiece was really cute too- I need to try to make one for myself!

  • Francheska

    This girl is incredible… everything I think about fashion.. well she said it!

    and she has great taste in music….!

  • lindsey

    omg she has a dog named gus gus. that’s the coolest thing i’ve ever heard

  • sam

    @bored of this site
    than move along to another one. Lauren is fucking rad. Another alternative/ hipster girl? What does that even mean? This site is obviously about people who use their clothing as a way of expressing themselves, their thoughts, their ideals. Is that alternative, yes, in contrast to dressing out of a catalogue, I suppose so. I think I have a J Crew one around here somewhere. Should I send it to you? Maybe it will cure your boredom.

  • molly

    does anyone know what color minnetonka boots she is wearing? is it brown or dusty brown?

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  • lily :)

    Lauren!! this is awesome and your comments about you style is awesome! i lovvee the song your listening also :)

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