Laurel St. Romain, Closets
Laurel St. Romain

I love how Laurel says that if she were a dress, she would be the vintage, black Madame Gres one that she wore during our interview. The dress is alluring in both its simplicity and its intricacy, much like Laurel. "It's one way in the front, very classic, and then you turn around and there is so much more," she says. I have been obsessed with the dress since I shot Laurel. It is one of those pieces I want to take home from a shoot. However, elegant as it is, it's the way that Laurel wears it that makes it truly dazzling. There isn't an ounce of ordinary in Laurel. Every detail of her wardrobe is mesmerizing, from her over-sized, glamorous "Boudoir Queen" ring to the sweet Victorian antique one she got from her great aunt. Laurel says that she is a "vintage girl," which for her means that she has always made timeless clothes her own. She wears a standard ballet leotard but pairs it with a Risto top worn as a skirt and her art-deco inspired Miu Miu pumps. Laurel says her grandmother never left the house without a hat and therefore neither does she. This is especially true now that she has her own millinery line, Ilovefactorybk, which she recently founded with her beloved business partner and best friend, Christopher Garbushian (from the previous post). Seeing Laurel accent her stunning Pucci jumper with a turban or using a crown and wreath to individualize her Margiela star slip dress, just serve to highlight how memorable and singular Laurel's style always is.

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