Lara Piras

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I was once sitting with a great friend – who is on this site and I refer to as the high priest of SLU – in a restaurant where all the waitresses were in turbans. Being the visually obsessed people that we are, we simultaneously agreed how incredibly stunning a turban is. It makes anything and anyone look striking – regal, even. However, it takes a certain person to have the confidence and grace to look as though they are wearing the turban and not vice versa. Lara is one of those people, and it didn’t go unnoticed at her intership at Vogue, where they wrote about her singular style. With a giant smile and dimples to match topped off by her oversized glasses, there is nothing ordinary about her. Never too serious, she’s proud in the printed, high-waisted ’80s pants and Flintstones sandals that were her mom’s when she was pregnant with her. In her favorite dress, with its layers of tulle, gold and silk, she is reminiscent of a birthday cake. I love her eye for the clunkiest of ’70s platforms and ’80s vintage dresses and how she wears them together. Lara is from a sunny, seaside town near Liverpool. I can see it in her down to earth aura and love of Doc Martens.

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  • jodache

    She is so cute! I adore the white and gold dress. And those glasses!

  • Ashley Paintsil

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Love her :) She’s very inspiring.

  • Sophie Samul

    I’m with her when she says, “I see that one garment, I get goosebumps and it has to be mine.” It’s an indescribable feeling to walk into an enormous thrift store and just get tunnel vision towards this one piece and you don’t even know why – that happens to me a lot! And I love her Doc Marten’s. I have an alarming addiction to them and if I found a pair for $5 I would probably start weeping.

  • James Mccaffery

    What a dose of energy and color! It’s hard to believe so much is vintage. Vintage is, really, all about the hunt — so hats off to an expert.

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