Ladyfag, Closets

Ladyfag is iconic in the nightlife world of NYC, infamous for her parties where often the most hungry for a flash of genius come just to see what she is going to wear. Filming her was a whirlwind of creative energy and I was swept up in her passion for self-expression through style. She is a visionary when it comes to adorning herself, and the endorphin rush is infectious. Garlands that are used as decoration on Mexican altars wrap around as a dress, sheer dresses become head pieces à la Grace Jones, and her grandmother-inspired thick nude tights morph into the most modern of Margiela-esque outfits, butt pads and all. Nothing stands between her fearlessness and her imagination – when asked to come to a party in a futuristic theme, she easily moves from “high” to “low,” dressing herself in a clear plastic garment bag and a lamp shade from the hardware store as a hat. Ladyfag is from Toronto, where she owned a vintage clothing store for ten years. It was from that experience that she grew to appreciate the value of time-honored clothing – the cut, the fabric, the importance of having one great piece over mass shopping and the consumption of clothing that goes in and out in a season. She dresses in extremes, with no affinity for moderation. Especially enamored with Mexican culture, she took a day-long horseback ride into the mountains to find her most valued shirt, loved for its handmade details. Poring through her closet is akin to a feast fit for a king or queen, but probably most inspiring is her “fuck you” attitude, combined with her open spirit and confidence in who she is.

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