Krystal Simpson

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Krystal started her blog because she didn’t want to work for anyone else – “I’m completely self-made. I hate the middle man. I don’t want to have to go through somebody else for them to say okay or not okay. If I want to put it out, I’ll put it out.” Amen, especially when the middle man has become an epidemic of pandering to the lowest common denominator. Let’s see, the cover of an unnamed fashion magazine with a super model grinning a wooden smile in clothes that she feels no affinity for, with cover lines that say “Shape up for Spring” (oy vey, haven’t we heard this before)? Or Krystal, in her newly coveted Bess studded kimono that she loves so much that she sleeps in it, and with so much to say about why we get stuck in life and how to get to the bottom of your core repetitive reactions to things, that any dose of her is like a huge injection of seratonin? It would be hard not to be chic as hell (in that ’60s/’70s rebel kind of way) when your mom was single, fiercely independent, and never lost the sense of her roots of hanging out with the Kinks and Hunter S. Thompson and attended the Monterey Pop and Altamont music festivals. I love her adoration for the Stones’ girlfriends as much as the Stones’ and it is haaaard not to mention the Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg comparisons. I don’t think you can ever get enough of those most meaningful of style idols anyway and especially when it is channeled so seamlessly through Krystal’s free spirit. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that when I was magnetically drawn to her glowing energy at Bryant part in some perfection of high waisted pants, denim shirt, neck scarf, and her signature red lipstick (because she doesn’t wear any other makeup) that I had come across a gem. And it doesn’t get much better than digging into her immeasurable style and story and being left with the thought that “Nothing comes to you in physical reality that you didn’t first comtemplate,” or would you rather “My Three Facelifts: A Twenty-Year Nip and Tuck Diary.”

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  • Alicia

    I’m glad she’s finally made it to the site. Krystal gets a LOT of shade from people who don’t know her, but damn if she isn’t the most down-to-earth, cool-as-a-fan-in-January people I’ve ever met. And she rocks the hell out of menswear on top of that.

    <3 you, girlie!

  • Shell

    I love Krystal’s style and her whole outlook on life.

  • kaitlin

    I’ve been waiting for this for months. I love her and her style is amazing. Love you Krystal!

  • Ra

    I started following Krystal’s blog about a year ago. I read it religiously. She brings a breath of fresh air to the world of fashion blogs. After watching her video, I realized that we are definitely kindred spirits — I can relate to her in so many ways. I look up to her — I mean, why wouldn’t I? She’s a bad ass. I started my own blog because of What is Reality Anyway?.

    “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.”

    -Jack Kerouac

    Krystal, if you are reading this, keep on rockin’, sister.

  • Ellie

    what is the name of her blog?

  • emmy

  • Georgia

    What an interesting person!

  • Karen

    About bloody time!!

    Love you Krystal : )

    Karen x

  • E

    She’s lovely (and has no need of style idols) and assured – what a delight!

  • Mea

    She seems really cool, and I like her blog.

    I just don’t understand why some bloggers insist on saying that they don’t take clothing seriously, and in the next breath, talk about how they’ve collected clothes for years. It’s ok, guys! We’re not going to think any less of you because you enjoy dressing up.

  • Mea

    By the way, those kimonos are $550 a pop.

  • Jessie

    Krystal is my favorite, she is not only an iconic beauty (that I would love to see try the Mia Farrow cut and style too!) but she is also a great writer. I can’t wait to see what she has coming up next! I hope to see her in more design and editorial magazine stuff, she is a fresh perspective!
    I have been following her career since she was on the mtv rolling stone tv show. The world needs more of what she has to offer! I loved seeing her just talk, great interview!


  • Becca

    possibly my favorite person i’ve seen interviewed yet…..

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  • Elle

    What a darling.

  • Elle
  • eVp

    Great energy & style! – about to check out her blog.

  • Mary

    I am sorry, but frankly, I cannot agree with this choice. Talk out a sell out: what has this website become? A breeding ground for pure, shameless sef promotion and lack of any real scrupples?
    It’s called style like u – you, like you and me.
    Sorry, by Miss Simpson is NOT like you and me….she has a very popular blog and is already well known in the world of bloggers. Isn’t it nice to interview her? Sure, it was very intriguing and it IS nice to put a voice to a face.
    But then again, how long is her clip? It far exceeds any others…
    Also, how long is her description? How much has she been talked up?
    This website should a egalitarian one – everyone should be equal. You used to interview new and different people, not those already well established.
    Please, do NOT sell out. Utilize the up and comers, not those who just ride on the image of her mother’s glory days.

  • elisa

    mission statement of stylelikeu
    Stylelikeu was born from the fascination and attraction that we both have for individuals who possess great personal style. Their style exudes the many facets of their creative minds. We are providing a gallery for their art. We go behind the scenes into their personal spaces to gain insight into their thoughts and ideas. We are so inspired to share with you the spirit of all featured, we feel that their messages are transformative…
    bloggers, as all human beings with great style, unique points of view and open hearts are treated equally. those up and comers and those that possess the wisdom that time and experience provide. thank you for your passion, but we love Krystal as we love everyone on this site in this amazing community of individuals. she is one of our heros.

  • olivia

    hi mary- i was featured on this blog a few days ago. i wouldn’t call myself “well established” in the sense you’re referring to. i enjoyed watching krystal’s post because I have no idea who she is, nor have i ever heard of her blog. it seems that you’re stuck on this girl for some reason, or else you have a very large social circle to be able to know all of the people featured on stylelikeu! i know a total of 4 people on this site and it’s always a wonderful and fascinating journey to be able to peek into someone else’s life for a few minutes (9:34 in krystal’s case….10:05 in mine. guess her’s wasn’t the longest post?). i certainly don’t mean to attack you at all because of course your opinion is welcomed and has certainly been thought provoking for me. i think in the sense of egalitarianism, you should put your interests on the back burner a bit – just because you know all of these people doesn’t mean everyone does!

  • Lauren

    She’s a true beauty with impeccable, unique style. I completely adore her looks and blog, which seem to be reaching a sense of icon status in the fashion blogger world. And the fact that she’s a great writer as well makes me admire her all the more!


  • Fred

    So fabulous. Been a fan of her blog forever. Her style is impeccable and she seems like a cool ass bitch.

  • lucy

    similiar vibe to atlanta noo de cadenet

  • poochiescloset

    yep, this is one reason i love this site.

    you see, i have seen her blog, i linked there from some other popular blogger’s page, it was probably the glamourai. anyhoo, i didn’t give krystal’s blog two seconds! i thought to myself, typical wealthy white chic, blowing daddy’s money on partying, jet setting and high-end gear.


    now, i see that just like me, she was raised by a independent, creative, free-spirited single mom.

    just like me her father was a “no show”

    just like me, she’s a fucking thrifter who has shit she paid less than $10 for but loves dearly

    just like me, though i thrift if i could get my hands on that fucking Bess kimono i’d sleep in that bitch also…

    just like me, she has figured out that in this life YOU CREATE THAT WHICH YOU SEEK.

    so maybe her style is not just like mine. who gives a fuck?

    because of this site, i will now go back to her blog, start at the beginning read her words and at least give it more than two seconds of interest.

    i love this site. keep on keeping on!

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  • kj fergie

    brilliant girl!this may be an odd comment but i love the way her voice sounds and I appreciate the amount of thought that goes behind her whole image.
    love love

  • C

    I love this.. I wish that you would have shown more of her closet though~

  • sadie

    Krystal seems very agressive and negative.
    She says “I won’t” and “I don’t” a lot. I could not help but notice.

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  • Anacarlina

    Such a strong sense of self which obviously translates well through her clothes. She reminds me of Jane Fonda in the movie Klute, which has to be one Fonda’s best styled roles.

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  • Amy Luo

    Great style and personality! I love that she seems like a fun girl, but at the same time is grounded and intelligent!

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  • Saldana

    gorgeous style and attitude. i hope my kid grows up to love me as much as this girl loves her mum.