Karen Robinovitz, Closets
Karen Robinovitz

Karen claims that she does not have the time to fake anything. She's serious about quality and the sense of permanence in collecting great pieces, but with an effusive humour that is infectious, like when she talks about her "double red and leopard moment" and that she is a maximalist. With a perpetual grin from ear to ear, Karen says that she loves clothes that are theatrical, reflecting her philosophy of life, "I like to live big, dream big, I think everything should be big." The more impractical the better, her version of a power meeting outfit is a white sequined jacket with jeans and a fedora and her favorite at home piece for watching TV is her giant Ann Demeulemeester coq feather vest. "When it came out of the box, I screamed," she says. Karen had chased the piece all around the world in hopes of acquiring it and has been known to go to great lengths when she sees something that inflames the senses, literally turning her skin red. Like a cat that can jump ten feet and land on all fours, Karen climbed the ladder that sits in the middle of her closet in YSL's chunkiest stiletto, in order to show me a McQueen knuckle duster that made her heart beat at it's all time peak. In fact, she is so ergonomically adapted to heels in her effort to feel tall that she considers them to be her "armour." Karen never wears flats and has a collection of fantastical shoes and boots that is of every girl's wildest dreams. Uncoincidentally, she plans on saving everything she treasures in a Ziploc bag with a Polaroid and a tag commenting on where she wore it and how she felt in it for her future daughters. Everyone here at SLU found themselves wishing that they could be her offspring. Even her husband is okay with how little closet space he gets as a result of her cause. His clothes are third in order of importance to her wardrobe and the clothes held in "purgatory" before they go to eBay.

Karen is the creator of Purple Lab Cosmetics and the co- founder and chief creative officer of Digital Brand Architects.

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