Karen Blanchard

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When we asked Karen whether she had any final thoughts to include in her post, she wanted to thank her “mum” for always bargain hunting while growing up. “It has become the blood of my life. Nothing beats turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. Making something out of (apparently) nothing is brilliant, and vintage is like my version of crack.” Karen is making her “crack” into a career, with her unique insight and creativity of how she dresses on her blog, Where Did U Get That?. The idea came from her curiosity about what other people were wearing and having no inhibitions to ask. It’s somewhat serendipitous that I am writing this post after just returning from a trip to London, shooting for SLU. She possesses that certain unpretentious, not taking herself too seriously, fun with clothes that I was loving while there. I remember leaving Karen’s shoot inspired to wear LONG dresses for summer, whether sequins, prints – “old lady” or “old hippie.” Like Karen, I tend to obsess. When she told me the story of running to a DSW in Manhattan, when she heard they had a certain Balenciaga shoe. And then jumping on a train, right then and there (when she found out they didn’t have her size) to a Long Island DSW, I knew we were comrades. She said “the clouds parted like a movie” when she found them. Karen has found fulfillment in her committment to addressing “the hole”, in her on line diary, that we all might feel when we get trapped into “buying for buying sake.” Today, she says it is about “feeling what you are wearing,” and her message is making an impact.

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  • Ludget Delcy

    Karen your style & blog is incredible.

  • O_M

    Love this woman’s style! I’ve been following her blog for a while now, she’s fantastic. Thanks for posting, SLU!

  • Kb

    I want her wardrobe!

  • camilla

    she is just wonderful, I admire her.


  • Camorrowj

    I am happy to see Karen honored like this. Her blog and style has inspired me to be a little more free and daring with my style choices.


  • KC

    Sooooo dope! This chick’s got it.

  • Lin_me

    She’s got amazing style, definitely different. What she wears always a surprise.


  • mommynista

    great profile. karen is an inspiration not only for her style, but for her spirit and strength of character. she was truly born to be creative.


  • E

    Love this – refreshing and idiosyncratic – thank you for representing the UK!! :)

  • Elle

    I had no idea Karen was British! She is the queen of sequins. What a darling.

  • Grandmafun

    I love her, such beautiful choices!

  • Shell

    Fabulous clothes..I’m loving that butterfly dress with her back out. Now, I’m running over to her blog to dive into more of her world.

  • Rhesa

    oh now I do love this post =D


  • Karen

    Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Feel honored to be a part of Stylelikeu.

    Always loved their site and what they stand for.

    Karen x

  • Arre

    I love her style! ALOT! alot!

  • Uncle John

    As always, my girls ROCK! Even as young toodlers, Karen and Sara were absolute style stars! Keep up the amazing work, girls. We are all so very proud of you. xoxoxo, JC

  • LoveBrownSugar

    Beautiful. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and she was nothing but pleasant. And of course anyone with a penchant for vintage is a friend of mine ;)


  • Empress

    Love that chic shes such a free spirit, and her style is completely her own.

    True Queen

  • Linn

    oh, she’s just magical

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