Julia Gartland

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Julia embodies the whole concept for this site when she says that her style is her inside on the outside. She is possessed right now with everything old, in particular, 30′s and 40′s transforms her, and she feels that clothes can take her to far away places and she can be anywhere and anyone. In a world of flannel shirts and skinny jeans, Julia is very at home with her girly meets polished, retro-movie star self, in her headdresses and lady-like frocks. She says that she sees something in a garment and is allured by how she can makes it work or “makes sense” of it. Julia turns her turban to all sides, making it look like multiple styles of a hat and is bewitched by her “pajama dress,” which she alters to makes chic. She could be the star of her own old movie or tv show; equal to fashion, is her love of baking, cooking and the classic acoutrements like aprons and jars lined up and labeled. In her photography, she likes to tell a “tale” with little vignettes of a bigger story, which reminds me of how Julia is in life dressing, everyday is like a scene in her script. Candid about how she could be pigeon holed into a box, she is the opposite of closed, her resemblance to a pioneer like Amelia Earhart, speaks to her wide open imagination and all encompassing timeless good taste.

Check out Julia’s online vegan bakery.

  • carrie

    i am feeling so inspired to bake a cake and wear an apron. sooo cute

  • Rachel

    A true inspiration!
    There is no one else like this girl, I can say this being a dear friend, she is one of a kind, a pistol, a trooper, and someone I look up to everyday. We should all take the time to take care of ourselves like she does.

  • Bubba Lu

    Oh little lamb. It is a pleasure to have known you for as long as I have and to have known you as one of the most stylish young ladies. Also, talented baker too!

  • Floral Bandit

    So inspiring & confident, love how put together & interestingly classic you are. Not to mention, best little lady in the kitchen.

  • lux

    woman of my dreams. i remember when you got that turban. were we in high school?? i think you brought it to school or maybe im making this up. i cant believe how you changed.

  • lou

    dashing young lass

    lux you’re not making it up, julia was the first to do the turban way back when

  • Christian

    I’m amazed and so happy to see how you’ve grown, and continue to stay so stylish. the vegan bakery is also a nice touch!

  • Pam

    You are a fearless fashion explorer and a great example of artistic expression. That is where stars are born.

  • Hayley

    what a beautiful woman you are. so proud. such talent, wisdom and grace. love you.

  • Neil


  • laura lou Jorgenson

    My darling little granddaughter…
    I finally found out how to get in your web page and I am so thrilled and proud to see all you have accomplished. How I miss those days when you were an iddy biddy baby playing dressups with sister Hayley. I wish you all of the success this world has to offer and I love you so much

  • Jocelyne

    She is a doll, I want to be her friend and go shopping together. And how cute that her grammie wrote it. :)

  • Aunt Laurie

    You have blossomed, my dear sweet niece. How exciting to read about your world of fashion, photography and baking…oh what an amazing spirit you are!

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