Jojo Americo

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One would not want to be JoJo’s arch-nemesis (he has one) when bidding on eBay, especially if it’s got the name Vivienne Westwood attached to it. A self-proclaimed freak for having what he wants, he admits to being compulsive and aggressive when it comes to his wardrobe desires and if need be, he will make it. This includes boots – he doesn’t just duplicate one pair, but sometimes makes ten of a coveted style in different variations. For example, he amended the Westwood square toe boots slightly by making them a stunning thigh-high with a wedge. His creations are not to be missed. I’m still consumed by the natural leather ones with the white stenciled American Indian motif. A super collector, once he gets something, he doesn’t let it go and has to have it all. Case in point: his prolific collection of Blythe dolls. He turned one of them into Linda Blair of The Exorcist, who was the “girl of his dreams” when he was younger. JoJo used to pretend that she was his best friend and that he would have an exorcism so that he could have superpowers as well. This fantasy, of course, led to a fashion fixation on rosaries and a cross of palms. Read More

Having spent fifteen years as the designer for Patricia Field’s windows (before Sex and The City) and currently a singing, songwriting member of dance music group The Ones, JoJo’s ability to express himself creatively is prodigious. The seeds of his great talent were planted at five years old, when he had the outfit for his class picture made by his mom and was cast as the lead in every school play. “I am very London,” JoJo says. He is attracted to color, fabrics and textures and looks like an eclectic Shakespearean thespian with rich details that put him over the top in a great way, like vintage capes, loads of African beaded jewelry of his own design and a scarf tied beneath a dramatic hat – sometimes with a few piled on top, too. But it’s his use of pattern on pattern – right down to his handmade tartan socks – that is “Flawless,” like the name of his band’s worldwide hit single.

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  • Abby Cochran

    I want a pair of his boots ! So fabulous

  • Brandon Acton-Bond

    Wow how interesting is this post? Who doesn’t remember “flawless”? It’s so interesting to see it in its original context. Jojo’s get up and go attitude is exactly what I need right now. Bookmarked for future reference!

  • Claudia

    Just found your blog. It is a great find.
    Twitter – @CByrdine

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  • Clifford Olsen

    I always remember the two Vintage Blythe Dolls I once bought from an old man. I’m a reseller (and a hetero at that) so they held little interest although they were fascinating. I bought the two for about ten bucks and sold them for over a 1000 each. But hey let your freak flag fly brother. Rock on and don’t get down.