Jessica De Lotz, Closets
Jessica De Lotz

We were all acknowledging in this office the other day, how there was a time we wouldn't miss a Barney's co-op sale, in the hopes of finding that one rare piece, but how slowly and completely it's fallen off of our desire radar, in exchange for the places that we really can find something truly unique and original. Jessica is a very dedicated "vintage" shopper (with "sources" and all), but as much for the experiences and stories behind her purchases as for the purchases themselves. When Jessica bought a '50's bag that was filled with a lifetime's identity of the previous owner, she became inspired to research and bring in the narratives and identities of the old pieces she buys for her own jewelry designs. She herself is a tribute to some of the great visionaries like Elsa Schiaparelli , in her surrealistic hat with plumes, tilted on the side of her head. Clothing for her definately tells the story of a once ultra shy girl, now in the boldest hose with everything, like her polka dots with an Eley Kishimoto printed dress and houndstooth ones with a polka dot dress and Vivienne Westwood sailor jacket. "Now I can shout it out to the world."

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