Jenny Shimizu and Susi Kenna

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Jenny and Susi are a poster couple for the twenty-first century and the joy of living in your truth. Jenny, without an ounce of hesitation, tells all about entering into a modeling career in the mid-1990s – “I’m Japanese, 5’7″, a dyke, tattooed, have little hair, and I don’t wear feminine clothes…no one like me had paved the way.” Jenny has always known she was here for a reason, and though she wasn’t always able to see why, she has said yes to almost everything (“I want my journey of life to be full”). Her story from six-years-old, where she, enraged, would put a chair against her door in objection to being forced to wear a dress to church, to seeing herself on a billboard in Times Square (shot by Bruce Weber) entitled “American Beauty” will give you the chills for its ability to empower (“never in my life did I think I was beautiful”). Jenny is so self-aware that as a young girl, she only dressed in “Billy The Kid-wear,” and today, anything other than her uniform of mostly t-shirts, jeans, brogues and fedoras is uncomfortable – even a button-down shirt feels “too nice.” Jenny’s confidence has shaped history, not only in what’s considered beautiful, but also fashionable. Jenny’s woman on a wrench tattoo became legend in the 1990s when Jean Paul Gaultier tore the sleeve off of one of his dresses when she walked his runway show so that it would show.

Susi, the anithesis of her home state of Florida (she says), with her long dark hair, pale skin and red lips, was always in her room painting while everyone else was surfing. She has remained passionate about art, and bought her first painting on impulse when she wandered out of a party and into a dark hallway and saw it on a wall (she fell immediately in love with it and the artist). Unusual for someone with a background in fine arts, Susi is a Renaissance woman, having also studied digital and graphic design, economics, business and project management, ethics, and law. The daughter of inventors, she is both “nerdy” in her love of statistics and visually talented, exemplified stylistically by her circular glasses and abundant collection of high heels.The combination makes her a force of nature in her ability to manage what can be the chaos of creative people’s businesses. Don’t let her artsy image in a floral dress and leopard ankle boots fool you – one of Susi’s goals is to make the Forbes list of the Top Power Women to Follow on Twitter.
Jenny says, “I really believe we balance each other out well,” she in her Paul Smith wing tips, Susi in her YSL clog wedges, neither in each other’s closets, but fully in each other’s hearts.

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  • E

    Thank you xx

  • Tay

    Both are dynamic and total inspiration!

  • Robin

    Jen I thought you rocked when we first met over 20 years ago.You continue to impress me on a daily basis.



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  • Lebeth

    I just want to thank this site for featuring these two inspiring, beautiful women. LOVE.

  • Martin

    Sweet. Susi is a total catch.

  • tepid

    jesus that woman is hot. need a couple minutes to cool off now.

  • B

    No way! I never thought I’d see such a character as Shimizu on SLU.

  • morgan

    amazing, very inspirational

  • Alex

    this is wonderful. i’ve had a stressed-out, terrible two months at school, and reading about jenny and susi’s happiness, success, and positive outlook really brightened my morning.

  • Georgia

    Jenny is such a beautiful woman and has an amazing style!!!

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  • PeeperBox

    No one has style likie you! <3

  • Tinka

    YSL clogs are amazing.

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  • Fariha Róisín


  • Alley O’Shea

    I completely related to Jenny’s story about wearing a dress as a child. I remind being a “tom boy” and my mother trying to dress me up for church. I would just cry and cry. We settled the dispute with a compromise; I would wear bows in my hair and jeans with grass stains on the knees.

  • Sophie Samul

    these two are both so beautiful. they both broke from the norm, so it’s only natural that make so much sense together. love!

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  • Sheeni

    This is awesome!! Love them both!