Jen Remark

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Jen turns a scrap of sequined fabric off the floor into a Chanel hot pant look off the runway. And that’s just the beginning. With one flip of a collar, she transforms a Goodwill dress into Balenciaga and a classic Laura Ashley into something cutting edge. Her style is a playful throwback to everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon pre-teen on “Clarissa Explains it All”. Covered in nOir’s sequined animal rings and pyramid spiked bangles, Jen is in perfect harmony with the world.

  • Aria

    this girl is fabulous!!

  • gabi

    i love this girl.

  • bub

    jen seems like a very intelligent but thrift oriented young lady she has the look of a new york model she is a goddess.

  • Laura

    She is a very thrifty young lady. Cute too.

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  • Jesus Christ Lawn Ornament

    She’s foxy, like a lovely rhombus.

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  • Sonya

    i don’t know why it is, but even though i didn’t like Athena Staube very much, I LOVE Lauren Edelstein, Vanna Youngstein and Jen Remark. I love Jen because she isnt afraid to wear forever 21. A lot of these people are strictly thrift shop. I like being able to relate to her. At thrift shops, I can never find anything, unfortunatley.

  • Josephine

    Really cute. She has great style and I love that jewelry.

  • Clark_C

    Amazing and delicious. I love that ring, your personality, and your yummy creativities…..

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