Jeffrey Williams

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Jeffrey confided in me that he has become numb to people staring at him when he walks down the street. He is so captivating and free in his self expression, that you can’t help but feel drawn to him. Jeffrey turns everything and anything into something regal: a simple red beret becomes a majestic crown, his faux fur looks real and his ikat scarf is perfectly oversized. The attention to detail and love of texture is what makes Jeffrey always extraordinary and never typical in his style. Attracting attention is a small price to pay for the gift of being enchanting.

  • Zoe Richards

    i am obseesssssssssed with jeffrey’s tunic’s and his regal looking hats. so inspired!

  • philip

    love the wedges

  • Francie

    I want your green pants!!!how much???I would pay anything!

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis


  • Brooke Wiliams

    I am very proud of my brother!!! I love that he expresses himself and goes after his dreams and ambitions. He will draw your eye to what he is doing because he has that gift of wanting to know more about him. I know my mom would be so very proud of him. His style is extrodinary and captivating. I love you big bro and keep going after your goal and keep setting goals. Trust in God and always remember we love you!!! xoxo

  • Brooke Wiliams



  • Baionne

    Way to make me cry at the end of that video! lol

  • Oroma[ Romi O’ross]

    My love dove is so pretty.
    His aura, his spirit, skills and love pierces the screen.
    I love this feature guys, love you love dove

  • josue

    a true visionary – jeffrey has created a whole new language of effortless, aesthetic prowess. it really is quite unbelievable.

  • Jessica Repetto

    jeffrey williams is captivating and an inspiration to everyone he meets! besides his explosive creativity, it is his spirit that is so moving. he can make a rug look glamorous and has a sharp eye, he was born on earth to do what he is doing and he is flying high with the stars!

  • morgan

    jeffrey, great video great style the fashion world better get ready for you

  • anna

    that white tank is amazing

  • Liz

    love love LOVE.

  • Becky

    Dude you rock.

  • MILO

    Very nice , interesting. Love the tank top. Love the Moroccan cuff. and the shoes. You go Jeffrey
    .Wish you luck! MILO

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis


  • LaTonya Paris Minnis

    Just watched your video for the 9847921738739862489245450321 million time…I am so PROUD!!!

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis


  • LaTonya Paris Minnis

    ONE LAST COMMENT 4 THE DAY………….SHOT OUT TO MY AUNTY BEVERLY…THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis

    It’s a new day and JEFFREY’S #1 fan is back! I am obsessed with his passion for fashion….JEFREY U INSPIRE ME!

  • Jameel Lee Ralph Williams (Jeffrey’s Lil Brother)

    I loove it! I am so happy My Big Brother is living His dream! You don’t know of very many Young People living Their dreams, so I am proud to say that My BestFriend & Big Brother has made it! He is a Man to look up to, a Role Model, a Hero, & a Genius! Love You more than Words can ever say! Keep up being the Best You its what We do best!

  • alexandra grecco

    love you jeffreyyyyyyyyy! xx

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis

    Congradulations my love…You deserve all the blessings coming your way…and this is only the begining!!!

  • lou-ann

    amazing. put a HUGE smile on my face

  • james

    Brothers were happy and swinging an… love you

  • angela

    just AMAZING!
    Jeffrey knows to be my own fashion icon…i can’t stop to say it!
    Jeffrey ti amiamoooooo!

  • Andy Dickinson

    Jeffrey- Ludmila told me about this site. Very nice video! Keep being yourself!

  • Kate

    Incredibly stunning Jeffrey, you have inspired me so much and in a way not many people have before.
    Looks like you are well loved by your family which is so special and amazing to see. Also by everyone else that has seen your video!
    I will be looking out for you. You truly shine.
    (oh and Im a Williams too shux!)
    Keep doin what you do!
    wowowowow!!! xxxxxxx

  • Kate

    P.S.- that Nelson Mandala quote hangs on my bedroom wall too. Its a good one.

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis


  • Jawara Wauchope

    Jeffers has amasing style and talent but most importANT, hes an amazing person. I love the booties and the outfits are a mixture of royal, adorned, playful, and semi structured clothing. love, love, love!!!!!

  • Maja


  • KonstantinMiller

    I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  • marta

    I LOVE U*

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis

    Jeffrey is off studing his craft…he is soooooo amazing & i am his biggest fan!!!!

  • celia

    a man of distinct and eclectic taste.
    love it.

  • celia

    like the nelson mandela quote says,
    who are you not to be brilliant, gorgeous,
    talented, handsome and fabulous…you are
    a child of god.

  • SAM

    i have to say i just dont get it. to me he seems like your average chelsea half tranny. Please fill me in on the brilliance you are seeing. cause all i got was a matching hotpant shirt set, and an ill fitting pair of harem pants

  • Corinne

    Whether its and oversized sweater to wear around the house, a white tee and jeans, something designed by himself or something bought in a boutique it doesn’t matter. it is not just the clothes that attract us to jeffrey but the life he brings with him. to have jeffrey around is to make things a little brighter, a little livlier and for this reason jeffrey will be a great addition to the fashion industy. i am sure the great things he has to offer are endless.

  • Bimla

    Wow! nice style. Proud of u

  • Lisoka

    I’m so inspired:) !!

  • LaTonya Paris Minnis


  • tziporah salamon

    my new best friend, I love this – you rock!
    and I love the jumpsuit you made which you wore when you taped me- you are so talented – and gorgeous – and a sweetheart!

  • Steve Doyle

    I am nearly in tears. Inspirational.

  • lmnop


  • Erin

    See what a creative person can grow up to be when supported and loved. Beautiful all the way around.

  • Ruqaiyah

    I just looked at this again, and I have to say that Jeffrey is nothing short of incredible. Ridiculously fearless style. I love this man.

  • Samantha Lind

    Jeffery seems like a wonderful person! I love that he was able to be honest about the fact that he was supported by a great woman, and was able to excel without being harshly ridiculed. That is something that is always nice to hear :)

  • Jordan Middendorf

    I find it so inspiring to see how his style has changed from when he was shot for a closet post and then later for the book. What an incredible evolution – he makes me want to take more sartorial risks just to see where it takes me!

  • Aviva

    Jeffrey you know I love you, your mother would be nothing but ecstatic (as you know). I miss you!! And I’m DEFINITELY using the Jeffrey ear cuff’s….where to find some……

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