Hunter Thompson, Closets
Hunter Thompson

Hunter is a ladies’ man when it comes to his mom, a Southern gentleman when it comes to class, a touch of Brooklyn when it comes to his love of black and a movie star when it comes to distinguished good looks, in the vein of Donald Sutherland. There isn’t anything in his wardrobe that doesn’t look expensive, yet nothing is. For me, one of his standout pieces is a pair of women’s plus-size thrift store pants with two panels that he imagines were part of an “extremely tacky evening outfit, ill-fitting and just ugly.” If he had told me they were Yohji, I wouldn’t have batted an eye – they are as chic as any of the edgiest designers or own (sigh) Margiela pants with a built-in skirt. A lot of the time, I feel sure that spending more is worth it, especially on certain investment-type pieces, but Hunter has an extraordinary knack for proving me wrong. When he told me that his black leather jacket was $20, I cringed at how much I spent on mine. Of course, the way that Hunter puts it all together puts it over-the-top, like mixing his biker jacket with a “Woolrich-esque” red and black checked blanket worn as a scarf when running to the local bodega. It’s all in the details, and any scarf less chunky and original wouldn’t have the same effect. Above it all and symptomatic of a true artist is his profound sensitivity. You can see it all over his room – an impeccable taste for history, science, fashion, and art, and in his answer to our question as to who is his favorite person on the site. His answer: “Terry T. His passion for the feelings of others wowed me more so than any outfit he could have put on. With how genuine he was, he honestly could have been in sweatpants, and I would have been sold.”

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