Guillaume Boulez, Closets
Guillaume Boulez

Guillaume says of Vichy, France, the town he is from, "it's where 'The Emperor' came to drink spring water." For Guillaume, an ethereal vision in his Vivenne Westwood pirate boots, everything is about a dream and a story. An avid reader, he says that wearing his "rough" Doc Martens with a Dolce and Gabbana tulle sweater is "like a fairy" and is a Shakespeare moment. If you want to read into the chapters of Guillaume's own life, the timeline of his emotions and personal phases are reflected by the color of his hair, much like Kate Winslet's contemporary romantic character in "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind." Since this shoot, Guillaume's bowl cut has turned blue. Thereby, "giving people a little bit of what I am and also protecting what's inside," as he says.

The floral trellis in Guillaume's window are an ode to the first woman accused of being a witch in the Salem trials. Guillaume learned from "The Crucible" that she was a slave from the Caribbean who used to put flowers on her windowsill when she was homesick during that dark time period in Massachusetts. Just as a few young girls in Salem created hysteria from ignorance, many contemporary naysayers judge the unfamiliar without just cause. Guillaume says that his clothes open people's minds to something new, making them less afraid of things that they may have never seen. For instance, his love affair with '90's Ralph Lauren is manifested in a completely unique way when Guillaume wears the designer's take on Pendleton with an oversized A.F. Vandevorst contrasting patterned sweater and a lipstick pink silk scarf.

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