Gregory Alexander, Closets
Gregory Alexander

Gregory has our whole SLU office running out to DIY Army/Navy boots in his dead on interpretation of black and white court jester chic. They are so ultra-modern and classic that when worn with his Gray Ant floor-length skirt, crisp Margiela striped button-down, and vintage maitre'd's jacket, Gregory takes on the aura of English butler-meets-2010's version of Gosford Park. Had Anthony been hanging in the turn-of-the-century French country side at the horse races, Edgar Degas might have painted his portrait in his Raf Simons futuristic version of jockey sophisticate shirt, Commes for H&M jodphurs, and bondage knapsack of his own design. In fact and sad to say, the gentry of the late 1800s/early 1900s might have been more accepting than his own Orange County compadres of today of Gregory in his YSL killer wedged platforms, color-block blazer from Le Marais, and beret. Fingers crossed that good taste in all things, material and humane, will come back in style.

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