Gordon Stevenson

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Gordon makes things that are not intended to be cool or stylish, cool and stylish. He strives to be comfortable in a way that looks different and does so by making the mundane or unexpected seem happening. Wearing pink in high school or a Tasmanian Devil golf sweater – he loves all things Disney and Warner Brothers – with “weird” printed women’s denim shorts and “regular” hiking boots seems fresh on him. He has drawers filled with socks of his own design that are in the feeling of Dr. Suess and his love for wearing a new pair are a peek into how obsessive compulsive Gordon is about things like his art, separating his shorts from his pants, tailoring his shirts and the perfection of an imperfectly tied bow tie. He can’t fully focus on a sports game because he is always thinking about something that he can “make different,” like a tie-dyed bow tie for his company (one that might be inspired by his coveted Brooklyn Cyclones jersey) or pondering about how penicillin was invented. Of his deli signs, some of his most recent artwork that is hanging in his bedroom before it goes to a gallery, Gordon says with charming self-deprecation, “I cannot imagine what a girl would think if she came into my room. She would be like, ‘Where’s the door?’” Read More

Still, Gordon’s ultimate magnetism doesn’t come from being a passionate artist of neon signs, the profundity of his commonplace fascinations, or from his favorite and only joke: “What did the bra say to the hat? I will hang with these two, you go on ahead.” Rather, it comes from his collection and intense affinity for fancy pants. The term is a pseudonym that came from a childhood dog’s name, born from his fetish for women’s Versace printed jeans. With thirty pairs in rotation, the joke around town among the doormen is that they think he’s wearing pajamas, though most everyone loves the ladybug ones, Gordon says. He wears them with things that aren’t fancy to tone them down, like his mother’s old suburban jackets and ultra-basic sneakers that he gets from a shoe repair shop. When wearing one of his mom’s old jackets recently, he found a shopping list from when he was a child, which his sister had added raspberry ice cream on to. It was a nostalgic moment for him, Gordon confessed, in that you are so dorky that you are cool kind of way.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mullettajones Rachel Esterline

    Gordon’s collection of Versace pants is amazing. I’ve always been impressed with his creativity. The color in his paintings is unreal.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=524313390 Åsa Copparstad

    I have seen every closet in stylelikeu, this is one of my top 10. Great!!!

  • http://www.identicaleye.com smb

    we love gordon. such a creative soul and a great friend. about time someone featured his amazing versace collection…and his lady Metal. also loving his painted “sayings” . xoxo

  • cherrymonsterfashion

    He is one of my favorite!