Fred Holston

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Breaking the chains of ignorance depends on having the ability to think freely and independently of the masses, whether political or artistic. Some of Fred’s biggest inspirations are his dad, for having chosen civil service over corporate law and fighting for the rights of immigrants, and Brian Jones for blurring the gender lines of men’s dress. In fact, Fred admits that he is “unhealthily obsessed” with the late 60′s musician. He even picked up playing the sitar as homage to the genius who played the same instrument in “Paint it Black.”

Ironically, his worn hippie shirt once belonged to his dad and dates back to both the rise of The Stones and to a time when his father, who grew up in Mobile, Alabama, chose to defy his own racist father by starting a Communist club. Fred lauds his dad’s reverence for Aristotle’s feeling that “where your talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation,” as much as he does his paternal hand-me-downs. Fred loves to “wear the shit out of” his clothes, incorporating the multitude of influences into an ever-evolving uniform, from ’70s fringe and leopard to the modern avant-garde of McQueen and Owens. His enviable post-punk array of black rocker boots has been recently softened by Phoebe Philo’s debut at Celine with the charcoals, browns and beiges of his tweed boxy blazer. Though he challenges the status quo much like his dad, in drapey sweaters and leopard, the true “deep from the heart of” Texan in Fred shines though in brimmed hats and blue jeans.

Check out Fred’s website: Take a Drag or Two.

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  • Rachel Esterline

    truly… madly..deeply.. in love with Fred Holston<3 He's bringing fun back to fashion.. GET IT.

  • Zooey Purdy

    he is fan.tas.tic. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • mp

    he is so cute!! great personality and great style

  • Fred Holston

    Love you Stylelikeu! I am so happy to have joined the SLU tribe. What an amazing experience!

  • Rachel Esterline

    @Fred.. We love you!!! slu tribe 4life <3

  • Sophie Samul

    “where your talents and the needs of the worlds cross, therein lies your vocation,” what wonderful words to live by! he’s really on the same page as SLU <3

  • Dani Baum

    I love how Fred bought his black hat from a costume store when he was in middle school… And how his black shiny shoes are from a company that made clothes for Pimps in the 70′s… It shows that you can get your best pieces from anywhere and whether or not they were intended to be “costumes” or for “Pimps,” you can make anything your own.

    I also love how Fred refers to Gianni Versace as Gianni… It’s cute how they are on a first-name basis :) And how he specifies that his black Gianni boots are pre-death… I totally relate to that… That’s how I feel about my McQueen stuff…

  • Rebecca Vandersteen

    what a gem he is! when he played the sitar..i melted.

  • Alec Mohr

    I also have coupel of pairs of this Giorgio Brutani shoes they’re very comfy and gorgeous, stunning style and very cool personallity I love him

  • James Mccaffery

    Exhibit A in “how to wear a hat effortlessly.”

  • WornandTorn

    I’m loving your father’s vintage, hand-sewn, hand-embroidered shirt!! I’m obsessed with it. Also, I LIVE in kimono cardigans!! Quality pieces and comfortability = perfection. Xo

  • Scout larue

    What a stunning human being!! So confident and stylish in a way that is not shouting at you in the face. I am so into his aesthetic and musical taste !!

  • tucson john

    He is a beauty!

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