Estefania Cortes

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While Stephi was a student of fashion design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, she had the chance to intern with her favorite designer, Vivienne Westwood. Enthusiastically, she says that the designer knew her name for a week out of that entire time period. I love Stephi’s unjaded excitement about this momentary recognition, and I know that I would have felt the same way, even after all of my years in the fashion business. By now, Ms. Westwood is beyond iconic and most are in awe of her signature punk-meets-Renaissance aesthetic. Stephi has a couple of treasures from her time at VW. One of Stephi’s standout Westwood pieces is a white coat with futuristic shoulders and theatrical, draped sleeves. She particularly loves this outerwear piece because it can add drama to any outfit. Like her mentor, Stephi has a predisposition and flair for dressing in moods and attracting attention is not an issue. At ten years old while living in Spain, she dressed up in medieval clothing, matching bags and crowns. Today, she throws on pink furry coats and is rarely without a hat or a bow in her hair. Stephi refers to her look at times as, “trashy, sexy secretary.” Her Spanish heritage is prevalent, despite spending her young adult years in London. One of Stephi’s first collections was inspired by bullfighting and flamenco dancing. Concurrent with our interview, Stephi was dealing with the possibility of Bjork being interested in wearing one of that season’s dresses – a good omen for the day when Stephi has risen to the top of her field. Most likely, there will be an intern that will be happy when they find out that Stephi knows their name, even if it is only for a week.

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  • Desiree Aitken

    Incredibly versatile and stylish woman.

  • À la Modest

    I like that she doesn’t stick to one style! I’m sort of similar in a way, too… I don’t want to be boxed in. I don’t have a big budget for clothes either, so I definitely identify a lot with this girl! It makes me envious in a way to see other rich girls who wear all the designer clothes, but I think being in the middle class makes you a little more creative perhaps in what you already have or can make yourself.

  • Camille Okhio

    i love a good corseted dress. work it estefania